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Episode editorial 7 – Cooperation

On our minds this week This week in the politics of geopolitics and interesting division was exposed. As anarchists we should think on this division as it is of concern to us too. This divide is characterized as globalism (or neo-liberalism) or nationalist (aka protectionist). Many authoritarians land on the globalist/neo-liberal side of this split … Continue reading “Episode editorial 7 – Cooperation”

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Episode editorial 6 – Associative Crimes

on our minds On our minds this weekend is the shadow of a new horrorshow of violence and war cast by the US Administration over the country of Syria. Six years into a Civil War that finally seemed like it was winding down there is word of another Sarin gas attack by Assad and now … Continue reading “Episode editorial 6 – Associative Crimes”

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Editorial episode 5 – A Failure to Communicate

on our minds This weekend is April First. Obviously anarchist do not have a sense of humor and anyone who would say we do is a dirty liar but it sure would be nice if we did. We could see our project, the total transformation of daily life, as a hysterical absurdity. We could see … Continue reading “Editorial episode 5 – A Failure to Communicate”

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Episode editorial 4 – Projects

on our minds On our minds this weekend: The possibility of bookfairs! This weeks podcast is being recorded a little early because the time when I’d normally be recording I’ll be spending at the Orange County anarchist bookfair. This evening is holding down it’s third annual event and this year the guest speakers include Dana … Continue reading “Episode editorial 4 – Projects”

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Editorial episode 3 – Waves of anarchy

on our minds On our minds this weekend: The possibility of infoshops! In the 1990s the US attempted to emulate the infoshop movement of Europe. Over the next decade dozens of places to read, discuss, and meet opened and closed. The logistics of keeping radical space open in big and small cities, the exhaustion of … Continue reading “Editorial episode 3 – Waves of anarchy”

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Editorial episode 2 – Radical Notions

On our minds On our minds this weekend: Native Nations March in WDC Because the hardest lessons have to be learned over and over again yesterday the Standing Rock Sioux Nation and grassroots Indigenous leaders marched in prayer and action on WDC from the Army Corp of Engineers to Layafette Square The Native Nations … Continue reading “Editorial episode 2 – Radical Notions”

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Editorial episode 1 – anarchyland

The anews podcast I recently started a podcast for I felt as though anarchism was getting a short shrift from the current podcasts. It needed something that wasn’t so microscopically focused. Each week this podcast reads from anarchist activity from around the globe and editorialize on topical anarchist themes. On my podcast I’m sharing … Continue reading “Editorial episode 1 – anarchyland”

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The Firewall

This has been a harder piece to write than I expected it to be, since the point I want to discuss is relatively simple. What isn’t simple is the supporting material: the bits around the central bit. There is this larger piece I’m in the middle of thinking about the next issue of Black Seed: […]

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The LBC Tour – Week Two and Three

The Midwest Whenever I return to the Midwest I feel like I have a sign over my head telling all passerby’s that I have returned, the prodigal son or some such shit. But the people who actually live here tend not to give a fuck. Everyone they know lives here so what’s it matter that […]

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You are principled independent, with a dark side Your responses indicate a desire to escape from your troubles, and a fear that this action will destroy what you’ve already achieved. These conflicting emotions sometimes cause you to be abnormally irritable and impatient when your needs are not met. Your concentration is also impacted, often leaving […]

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