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If you use the word, “communism”, it doesn’t make you a communist. “States (and the people within them) who hold revisionist claims to socialist identity, though they miss the point entirely, still do have revolutionary potential — they will still take up arms to fight imperialists, but there would be no way for anarchists to […]

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I got these two DVDs: Nanking (2009 drama) and Nanking (2007 documentary). I might report back here after watching them.

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bike cop

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A Million Miles From Home

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the meaning of Christmas

It’s ironic that Christmas has a meaning that has supposedly been replaced by greed because that meaning is given by Christians or humanists. Thousands of years ago, when Christmas was a pagan holiday, Ancient Romans basked in excess and were probably just as greedy as today’s people are for Android phones.

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Halloween party news

an enemy spy and a victim of capitalism

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far too much information

work for politicians, more sex without criminal justice students and exciting web publishing

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Hello world!

Welcome to Anarchy planet. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start blogging!

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