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Practical and Aesthetic Applications of the Principle of Ungovernableness

Forward Over the past several years, I’ve tried to concern myself with the applications of anarchist theory to everyday life. In my writing, I continued to scale up to higher levels of abstraction for the sake of communicating insights that were more generally applicable. That is what abstraction is good for. However, as I have […]

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Squee’s Wretched Sounds

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The Ice King

On the peak of the world’s coldest mountain, there from his palace he gazes Down upon the swiftly swirling stew of organic life Everything caught between the outline his eye has isolated, stops And he gives it a name And he hangs it on the wall And he calls it his own When you walk […]

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Nekro Anarcho

Nekro Anarcho Death is the only thing worth talking about…

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Protected: All and Nothing

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

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KickStarter and Counter-Power

Two articles recently appeared on anarchist news concerning the practices and services offered by KickStarter. As most everyone who is likely to read this is aware, capitalism requires and increases more the dispossession of us both as individuals and as a class of the resources which we would need to produce what we consume. So […]

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One beer… Two beers… Eight beers. The slot between sociality, sexuality, emotionality, hunger and reflection is removed The correlation increases Between impulse and action Then oblivion.   BREAK   I read the reviews; sometimes de…

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Authenticity and Security Culture

Authenticity is the exact point at which I depart from the post-structuralists and post-modernists. They can’t place agency -they find no sound argument for its existence. They harp on Heidegger for this emphasis on authenticity. But I’m no…

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The*r* Thoughts?

I stare deeply into this photograph and from the unknowable regions of somewhere, the spirit of this moment of his becomes animate. I empathize with this spirit… This gaze from a hundred years ago. I feel a rush through my body. As if from beyond…

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Alegory of the VOMIT

Vomit – The Day of Judgment   My eyes clench like a fist as I forget even that most simple lesson: when to inhale and when to exhale. The melody is anything but harmonious. I’ve been eating grains all day and drinking grain alcohol all night. Every three inches and I choke. Despite the destination […]

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Introduction to the Perfect Castration

The prefect castration must consist of: Proper Use of Tools After-care Treatment The Mechanical Production of Erections (for function and for show). From the diagram above which depicts the general anatomical break down of the penis, we can see that a …

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Pessimism (a poem)

Surrounded by my conscience, intoxicated, and at the witness of dusk I feel from my loneliness the numbness of my skin The remnants of maternal bondage buried within my heart reach out Failing to grasp And to hold Anything Not a single, lucid thought N…

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World Peace

This is a detailed and complete plan for World Peace that explains what the people have to do, what things have to change, and how to overcome the things that are keeping us from living in peace today. Nothing in our plan is impossible to achieve, in f…

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burning matches – literal titles

Claire Fontaine – VIDEO Matches burning in the front room of the STL Contemporary  Apart from the shitty music, which is probably the St. Louis Contemporary’s fault, this is an interesting piece by Claire Fontaine.  As matches collectively burn, they eventually extinguish … Continue reading

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Andreas Templin is totally awesome…TOTES! (archived 11-16-2010)

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Purple Works

Here is some writing I had done 3-6 years ago that I consider to be “purple” and somewhat enjoy reading every now and again. They are experimental explorations of sentiment and irrationality. The topics ought not to be taken as an endorseme…

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The Authoritarian Artist

This is a response to the article GaGa, Bowie, Hitler published in the Anvil I’ll give this author a good amount of credit for taking on this massive topic and trying to elaborate the analysis with such little space to do so. Here’s my thoughts… Hitler (and the early 20th Century): Mentioning that Hitler was […]

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Capitalism from the Perspective of an Artist

Capitalism from the perspective of an artist… There are many ways to critique the capitalist mode of production, the consumer society, its spectacles, and the stultification of the spirit one suffers under its logic. While I have found most of these critiques intellectually sound, my heart is not touched by them. Not by Marx, Debord, […]

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I have found my Art!

Ah! What joy! I’ve managed to discover in the Wretch some sort of worm hole into other spaces, with different dimensions, and best of all… I have been able to find some of the things I was able to create before I wound up here… [enter search terms here] (SEARCH!) ^see the worm hole?^ yeah… […]

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