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A letter to close 2009

Big changes in the air, which is a great, as 2009 has been utter shit. A horrible year that I am happy to see behind me. I’ll review.
I am still working full time. The job is increasingly grueling as my tasks become more cyclical (month-to-month) and less problem solving (day-to-day or hour-to-hour). My job has […]

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the meaning of Christmas

It’s ironic that Christmas has a meaning that has supposedly been replaced by greed because that meaning is given by Christians or humanists. Thousands of years ago, when Christmas was a pagan holiday, Ancient Romans basked in excess and were probably just as greedy as today’s people are for Android phones.

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anarchy on the radio: playlist #8 ‘n #9

Here are two more playlists from my weekly radioshow, which is actually now in hiatus. So, for now – these will be the last posts of this nature, but perhaps sometime in the near future I’ll piece the show back together, when things aren’t so busy. I must say, I’ve really enjoyed doing this, not […]

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Taking Ourselves Seriously (IAS) – Part II

Criticism and Framing
I am hesitant to even offer my thoughts, in the way of analysis, of the IAS event. The feedback that I received to Part I (offline) was typical of what my worst expectations would be for the effort. I was corrected, copy editor style, and reprimanded for not truly being a neutral reporter […]

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