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Hello world!

Welcome to Anarchy planet. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start blogging!

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bike cop

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Zerzan, Prophet of Language – rough notes

Question: How many Anarcho-Primitivists does it take to screw in a lightbulb?
Answer: *grunt* *grunt* *pelvic thrust*
If I may be permitted the minor reduction, as all writers naturally are, of suggesting that the contemporary world is haunted as if by a single essence and that this essence is language, I would argue that the quest for […]

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Report back from 8 days of Anarchy

The Good The BASTARD Conference Yes, the Greeks were inspiring and what I hoped for. Yes, the comedy was funny (Crudo was particularly good) & bizarre (I’ll upload a picture of McQuinn as robot later). Even my workshop went pretty well (I was really surprised how many people got up that early (10 am Daylight […]

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Update on the Greeks and the amazing generosity of North American Anarchists

It is really easy to be hard on ourselves. We aren’t exactly in a time of libertarian social change and at best we have minor victories, over a window or maybe some Maoists, nothing serious. Nothing to get all gloat-y about. And we don’t. Mostly we beat each other up on the Internet, take ourselves […]

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How to Subvert Capital, vol. 2: Free Diesel Fuel

I don’t very much like to encourage the idea of consuming fossil fuels, since the act in itself justifies the demand and thus the exploration, drilling, refining and retail of such a limited and not-so-renewable resource which is put in control of a few. Not only that, but we have seen clear evidence over several […]

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