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If you use the word, “communism”, it doesn’t make you a communist. “States (and the people within them) who hold revisionist claims to socialist identity, though they miss the point entirely, still do have revolutionary potential — they will still take up arms to fight imperialists, but there would be no way for anarchists to […]

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History’s instrument was a firing squad!

[photo from the insurrection in Ciudad Juárez, Mexico on May 19th, 1911] Summer has almost arrived and with that, everyone’s favorite hope of free time is being watered and with patience, (perhaps even) growing. What will your summer look like? The grasshopper or ant? Of the many things happening this summer, here is one that […]

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Another Surgery For a Battered Soul

Just about exactly 20 years after a “Skinhead brawl” put my roommate into a grave and me into “stable condition with stab wounds on his left side” I might be seeing the end of the second chapter of the complications the incident on my life. While on the one hand it is easy, and true, […]

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Privacy settings & changes in services

This week the issue of moderation became a hot topic again. There is a pleasant fiction that anarchist news is a place where anarchists, and our friends, can sit around the campfire of relevant news and have a discussion with each other. But even if this were true our motivations are too varied. We do […]

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May ATubes & Anarchy Planet

The May ATubes is available. Check it out. We believe this is a good way to print out the months news related to anarchists. We envision this being printed, copied, and distributed in public spaces. Please tell us about successes and failures with this strategy in the comments. Light moderation has been a success so […]

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End of the chapter where a couple things happened of no consequence

Spring is about over and to close it out I took one last trip before my next hospital visit. If all goes well I will emerge from this visit healthier, stronger, and without the absolute need for bi-weekly medical visits (and insurance). I am getting nervous about abandoning these golden handcuffs but can’t wait to […]

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