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Conflict in Turlock

Another first draft/ideas ———————– We live in a society that is primarily divided by class. This was made very apparent on June 25th when Sarah Palin spoke at CSUS. The audience was composed of those who can afford to drop 500 dollars to hear some bullshit (the ruling class). The organization responsible for getting Palin […]

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Letters of Insurgents: Part 2

losing your illusion in the land of gigantic objects and monstrous toys Hello there world. It has been a busy week, with the official start of summer, and one more set of letters. One idea that really sticks out for me in this set of letters that of illusion. The title of this blog is […]

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Letters of Insurgents: The Great Lesson II

This week’s submission is going to be a little short. I think I need to pace myself (I still have eight weeks after this one) but there are so many themes from this week’s reading that I’must dig into, including a rich quote from Sophia about memory exercises, the concept that political people have “the […]

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This is a rough draft…

————————— A Continued Discourse on Crews: All Friendships are Political I intend this to build upon what Nachie wrote in Emotional Poverty on crews and their use for (anti)political organizing and activity. The crew/street gang structure has shown to be extremely effective, and is definitely something that anarchists and anti-state communists should be using. But […]

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Hello world!

Welcome to Anarchy planet. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start blogging!

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Letters of Insurgents 1: The Great Lesson

I want to preface this by stating that I am going to speak to Letters of Insurgents with a combination of personal journal and exposition as this is both a book that is very personal to me and deserves some analysis beyond the personal. Anyone who knows me knows that I am a very angry […]

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Letters of Insurgents: Part 1

So, things are heating up over at Insurgent Summer, a participatory reading of Letters of Insurgents. Tomorrow is the deadline for the first letters to be completed, and I’ve just finished them, so I’ll try and write down some thoughts to get the ball slowly rolling. I’m going to try and do this for every […]

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June Events

Noise Demo at the NW Detention Center Saturday, June 26th at 3:00pm Bring shit to make noise; buckets, air horns, bull horns, drums, other instruments, etc. Northwest Detention Center 1623 East J St. Background: The Northwest Detention Center is a private immigration prison facility located on the tide flats of Tacoma, Washington. The detention center […]

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Why Anarchist, Why News?

Anarchism is the simplest of ideas. Humans desire freedom and have the capacity to live in freedom from systems of control including (but not exclusive) the State, Capitalism, and Hierarchy, et al. In addition there is a history of individuals and groups that have tried to wrest autonomy from our modern conditions. This is anarchism: […]

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Name change & an update regarding moderation – June 2010

As of this month we are changing the name of the Anarchist News newsletter (formerly known as ATubes) to the Anarchist News Digest (AND). While we thought referencing the Internet as a series of tubes was cute, perhaps it wasn’t cute enough for the newsletter. Download the newest issue, print it out and share it […]

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