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The Great Lesson – VI

A review is in order. I read Letters of Insurgents as a great work on how to do criticism: a humane story about two sharp people cutting each other to size in appropriate, if harsh and perhaps mean-at-times, ways. This criticism ranges far beyond the tome of Letters of Insurgents or the dynamics between two […]

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Letters of Insurgents: Just Dance

Dancing in the Dark (you can’t start a fire, without a spark) I’m still in the midst of finishing Letters #6 and so far I’ve read about half-way through. It has been a busy week with old friends visiting from far away, the usual suspect (work), and a little thing called a leaf storm (which, […]

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Hello world!

Welcome to Anarchy planet. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start blogging!

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Letters of Insurgents: Part 3 (y más)

You can do anything you want “impossibility is a term of logic and reality doesn’t observe the limits of logic” – Sophie (page #382) Wow. It has been a while, and for a moment there I fell behind a bit in the reading and writing about that reading. The conversation is always there, it is […]

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This is Potlatch.

Welcome to Potlatch. More info coming soon.

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Letter of Insurgents: The Great Lesson V

This is the first chapter of the book that I have re-read in the book itself. Times have changed for me and now I spend 80% of my waking hours in front of a screen and so it is just more convenient for me to read the wonderful version of the text that we put […]

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Editorial: Six years of Anarchist News

You may be surprised to know that Anarchist News is six years old this week. The first year was rough as we formalized our look and software but not long after we started we had decided that our goal was two fold. One we wanted to be non-sectarian in regards to the kind of anarchist […]

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What is new with Little Black Cart – Summer 2010

Spring was a great time for LBC. The Bay Area bookfair was great and the NYC bookfair was a great deal of fun. We even had a quick trip up to Olympia! We watched 10,000 copies ofAfter the Fall pass into the hands of people who found spectacular use for it. We also watched the […]

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The Great Lesson – Part IV

Loss and authenticity We are past the intensely critical part of the novel and are now moving onto the great descriptive portion. Letter four is about a carton factory, a university occupation and all of the characters in Yarostan & Sophia’s life. It is about the specific nature of peoples behavior and how the consequences […]

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July Events

Free Movie: Lucio Thursday, July 29th 6PM Against Patriarchy, Beyond Feminism: 9 Days of Events for Our Bodies, Ourselves Friday, July 9th-Saturday July 17th Schedule: Friday, July 9th: It begins! Potluck style party coupled with a discussion about prisons, and women in prison. 7:00pm at the M-11 1212 S. 11th Street Suite 24. Tacoma, WA. […]

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July Anarchist News Digest and the moderation group

Enjoy this months Anarchist News Digest. We are considering making this a monthly print publication and sending copies throughout the land. If you would be interested in receiving a bundle for your community drop us a line. This month we would like to welcome our brand new moderation group. This group includes users exile, task, […]

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Letter of Insurgents: The Great Lesson III

I am writing about this book again after years of absence, because of how formative the book was in my thinking about criticism (and specifically criticism as a form of communication and engagement with written material). The relationships in this story are still the model I use when considering what I mean and what I […]

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