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The Great Lesson X – Humility and endings

Most of my associates have not been following this project over the summer. I have been excited about taking on the intensity of writing (and reading) every week but have done it largely alone. The web site hasn’t been that active. Comments on my blog have been nearly non-existent. Even the weekly study group at […]

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Reality is starting to incorporate our dreams

Maybe what’s happening is that we’re all becoming children again. Our rigid roles and characters are dropping off like dried skin. We’re fascinating to each other because each one of our acts might be a total surprise, at any instant our personalities might change completely. Like children, we’re not exhausted by what we’ve been and […]

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The Great Lesson IX – I know Daman, Ted & Alec

This chapter featured a few strong minor characters. Three archetypal characters dominate letter 9 and as archetypes I have known, or been, each of them. Here are a few of our stories. Daman – The perfect student-teacher turned ideological director. He apparently decided that the only meaningful human activity was the total destruction of the […]

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The Great Lesson VIII – I’m going crazy

This time around I am not going to start with the first part of my notes (which I do chronologically) and end with the final notes but reverse my order. As a result of going A->Z I’ve probably given a lot more attention to Yarostan’s letters rather than Sophia’s. Around the time I was learning […]

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Justice for Oscar Grant?

Let’s face it, the idea of “justice” for Oscar Grant isn’t what we need. It sounds good as a slogan for an easily co-opted movement, but it ignores several important factors when looking at the murder of Oscar Grant at the hands of Mehserle and when looking at the entire system of police. The movement […]

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The Great Lesson VII – Criticism of letter 7

I find the back and forth about who really loved who or who loved an apparition instead of the person tiresome. The flatness of Perlman’s character development is apparent here and I don’t love Letters of Insurgents because the characters are plausible. I love Letters of Insurgents because of the way that the ideas are […]

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Anarchist News Digest 2010 & other updates

There are several updates here so please read if you are interested in the site. 1) The August 2010 issue of the Anarchist News Digest is online. It has stories on attacks against the existing order, the states (over)reaction, prisoners, analysis and some errata. Check it out. 2) There will be more on moderation in […]

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August Events

Noise Demo at the Northwest Detention Center (1623 East J Street Tacoma, WA 98421) Saturday, August 28th 3:30PM Info-Night: On the Northwest Detention Center, Immigration, GEO Group, and the Prison World presently Thursday, August 26th 7PM The Battle of Khimki Wednesday, August 25th 7PM at M11 The Battle of Khimki: Russian anarchists take on fascists, […]

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