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Thesis 1: Nihilist anarchism is a confrontation with the symptom.

Anarchy: A word I have chosen from within my lexicon to describe a place from which all movements derive. Upon admittance to the symbolic order, we are forever barred from admittance into the order of anarchy. Anarchism: A metaphorical/metonymical discourse that allows for the discussion of anarchy from within the symbolic order. Whereas first-order anarchy […]

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Psychologies from a Revolutionary Perspective

[This is taken from a letter in response to a comrade that wants to explore the importance of social-psychology for anarchist theory] History (and time in general) are of great importance to social-psychology, in my opinion. To me, this not only means evolution (the history of life), but social history, political history, etc. If a […]

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The Social-Psychological Revolution

What sort of revolution are we really after? We have called it the “Social Revolution” before, in opposition to a political revolution (where we would merely change the political and economic systems). This is a good start, but I believe that anarchist theory has become much more than even a social revolution. Surely, we seek […]

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Sexualism and Sexism (response to an Anarchy101 question)

This was a question asked on and it is a question I think is important, so I am posting both the question and my answer to it (which reveals why I think it’s an important question): Q: How does a male express sexual interest in a female without reproducing patriarchy or sounding artificial? “Many […]

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