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Bus Saboteurs Strike NY Buses

From: NY Daily News Authorities hunting bus depot vandals believed to be disgruntled workers Saboteurs struck at two bus depots in recent weeks, vandalizing and disabling more than two dozen buses, authorities said Monday. In the stealth attacks – which officials think were carried out by disgruntled workers – the vandals filled fareboxes on 29 […]

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“Prince of Darkness” Captured

From: Brooklyn Eagle By Ryan Thompson Brooklyn Daily Eagle JAY STREET — The self-proclaimed “Prince of Darkness,” John S. Katehis, appeared in Kings County Supreme Court Tuesday with his lawyer, who claimed his client killed newsman George Weber in self-defense. The so-called satanic teenager was arrested in March 2009 in connection with the stabbing death […]

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A Response to the Critique of RAANismo

From: Anarchist News This particular group of RAANistas is positively over-joyed at the fact that someone has taken the time to write a critique of RAAN. As far as we know, this is the first attempt by the larger anarchist scene to articulate or critique the beast that is the Red & Anarchist Action Network. […]

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Attractive Inconsistencies: Sex, Gender, Sexuality, and Relationships

The following analysis may be considered in the light of Gender or Queer Theory, but it does not support many of the common assumptions present in theories of Sex, Gender, Sexuality, and Relationships. The first assumption doubted is not controversial: human beings come in two sexes – male and female.  The second assumption, that there […]

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The Authoritarian Artist

This is a response to the article GaGa, Bowie, Hitler published in the Anvil I’ll give this author a good amount of credit for taking on this massive topic and trying to elaborate the analysis with such little space to do so. Here’s my thoughts… Hitler (and the early 20th Century): Mentioning that Hitler was […]

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Prisoner Letter Writing Night October 13