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Hello world!

Welcome to Anarchy planet. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start blogging!

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A Not So Top 10 for 2k10′

how about swimming at the bottom of the lake? (ohhh, the irony! is that why people like the Weakerthans?) Why do you put LOVE so much in your titles? Or something like that… Hi. What moves you? Well… last year when I had a radio show and was much cooler I did a top five […]

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The Police Murder of Oscar Grant: Discussion, Presentation, Film

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Kathleen Dean Moore on Mother Earth

Think of the metaphor of the Earth a a mother, and the slogan, “Love your mother.” What does this mean? It might simply acknowledge that humans are created from matter that comes from the Earth. But so are Oldsmobiles, and … Continue reading

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The Problem of Prisons – January 18th 7:00 PM

Tuesday the 18th 7:00 PM

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From the Anarchives: Take Back the Black and Green!

Ecological Anarchy at the Brink of the Future For far too long the anti-authoritarian ecology movement has been limited to two snobbishly opposed groups: so called Green Anarchy, influenced by Deep Ecology and Zerzan primitivism, and Social Ecology, influenced by … Continue reading

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Jan 16th: Report on the struggle in Greece

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Thinking about the Functional Designation of Space

the below comment is a response to this article I think there is (a big) something to be said about the relationship between ideas and material space… this focus on experimentation. There seems to be a different result in the ideas that come from…

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Movie: A Scanner Darkly

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New Event January 16th

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January Reading Group

– Nihilism in the 21st Century – by Aragorn! – Towards the Creative Nothing – by Novatore – Considerations on Nihilism – jounral Guerre au Paradis & On Nihilism – by Baudrillard – Notes on Revolt – by Frere Dupont

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Décroissance and yurts

Much of French theory flies right over my head. I find the Situationists insightful, the post-structuralists interesting and Sartre and Beauvoir relevant, but when I read Tiqqun and the Invisible Committee I pass page after page without absorbing any information. … Continue reading

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What is anarchist news?

At best, anarchists are heterodox. They share a few simple ideas with each other and run with them in a thousand different directions. Those anarchists who strive for a pedagogical unity–in the name of a revolutionary program or idealized revolutionary subject–are missing a serious point. It is the vibrancy of anarchism that continues to draw […]

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Chris Hedges and Derrick Jensen

Two of the most perceptive non-anarchist writers/ speakers I know of are Chris Hedges and Derrick Jensen. Below is a conversation they had about resistance.

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