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Zagreb bookfair and the next torrent

Well, it’s time for another torrent release, with the fresh PDFs produced by ConTeXt. The DVD iso (2.1 Gb) is ready, has been tested, and now has been burned on 30 physical DVD, to be distributed at the Zagreb bookfair The printed stuff is also ready. Once I’ll come back home, the torrent will be […]

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Critique of The Zeitgeist Movement: Observations and Responses; Activist Orientation Guide (turned into me not giving a shit enough to finish a formal critique)

This is one of many documents produced by (or, for) The Zeitgeist Movement. While the cinematic media spread on the internet is for merely introductory purposes, the details tend to be in various documents: FAQs, transcripts of Jacque Fesco’s lec…

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A response to Alan Watts

I like the basic point of this video: But, I do have something of an issue with where a lot of this thinking tends to wind up (see: New Age Culture). The sort of selfhood (this disconnected…

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Tuesday 3/22 Event: Revolts in North Africa: CANCELLED

Sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused. Due to outstanding circumstances the event, Revolts in North Africa, scheduled for this Tuesday (3/22) is canceled.

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Movie & Presentation: Thursday March 24th 7:00 Pm