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Zagreb bookfair and the next torrent

Well, it’s time for another torrent release, with the fresh PDFs produced by ConTeXt. The DVD iso (2.1 Gb) is ready, has been tested, and now has been burned on 30 physical DVD, to be distributed at the Zagreb bookfair The printed stuff is also ready. Once I’ll come back home, the torrent will be […]

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Critique of The Zeitgeist Movement: Observations and Responses; Activist Orientation Guide (turned into me not giving a shit enough to finish a formal critique)

This is one of many documents produced by (or, for) The Zeitgeist Movement. While the cinematic media spread on the internet is for merely introductory purposes, the details tend to be in various documents: FAQs, transcripts of Jacque Fesco’s lec…

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A response to Alan Watts

I like the basic point of this video: But, I do have something of an issue with where a lot of this thinking tends to wind up (see: New Age Culture). The sort of selfhood (this disconnected…

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Tuesday 3/22 Event: Revolts in North Africa: CANCELLED

Sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused. Due to outstanding circumstances the event, Revolts in North Africa, scheduled for this Tuesday (3/22) is canceled.

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Movie & Presentation: Thursday March 24th 7:00 Pm

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Ramblings 10 to a Negative Power: Systems of Consequence

Systems of Consequence I think there is a subtle critique beneath many anarchist arguments of artificial systems of consequence as opposed to organic systems of consequence. What I mean by these terms is that the environmental conditions (the material …

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A Virtual Post-Anarchist Roundtable: An Interview with Jürgin Mümken, Anton Fernendaz de Rota, and Süreyyya Evren [Part 1]

Duane Rousselle: Post-anarchism has come to mean different things to different people. In the anglophone world, Saul Newman has described a Lacanian/Stirnerian “post-anarchism,” Todd May has called for a practice-oriented “post-structuralist anarchism,” Lewis Call has described a time of “post-modern … Continue reading

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World Peace

This is a detailed and complete plan for World Peace that explains what the people have to do, what things have to change, and how to overcome the things that are keeping us from living in peace today. Nothing in our plan is impossible to achieve, in f…

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autonomy//253 issue #5 Release Party

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Ramblings .0001 – Reflections on Pathological Anarchist

Like most things I write, I didn’t finish my last piece. The compulsion that drove me to explain did not carry me through to the part that one could assume would be much more interesting to write: the Sketch of a Life World or whatever. Maybe tha…

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Now that I’m gone here is where I am

I am typing this slowly. Perhaps that says most of what needs to be said. I am ok. My right hand is working but just takes a little more attention. A little more time. My head is clear and hesitant. This week I suffered my second cerebral aneurysm. It happened while I was sleeping (I […]

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Demonstration Against the Police

Demonstration at Westlake Center (4th & Pine) 6PM Tuesday March 15 2011 March 15 has been a day of international action against police brutality around the globe since 1997. The specific date is significant because in Switzerland, on March 15, two children, ages 11 and 12, were beaten by police. M15 originated from the Black […]

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Climate Justice?

The scene: December 19, 2008, a Bureau of Land Management auction of drilling permissions in Salt Lake City, Utah. Representatives of numerous earth-rape companies crowd the hall as various tracts of land, claimed to be owned by the United States … Continue reading

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Wed 3/9 7PM Short Presentation & Discussion: Georgia Prisoner Strike

Brief synopsis of the recent December Georgia Prisoner Strike. Discussion to follow.
Wed 3/9 7PM
at the M11
1212 S. 11th St #24

More info:

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Ending are anti-climactic. You know that, I do too. After working for three years in the cubes I am now free and barely know what to do with myself. I feel like someone recovering from Stockholm Syndrome. I have at least 12 months to do… something else. I have a fairly good idea about what […]

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March reading group queer theory

texts for download/printing: (texts are also available at the M11) first week: Guy Hocquenghem The Screwball Asses “To Destroy Sexuality” text here. second week: Michel Foucaul The History of Sexuality Volume One: An Introduction | parts four and five [download read version or print version.] third week: ultraviolence & anti-sociality “Toward the Queerest Insurrection” by […]

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Pathological Anarchist

Pathological Anarchist A Case Study   Self-Definition in 3 Complexes   Introduction   For a while now, I have been trying to understand the connections between my life history, character, values, and philosophical beliefs. Through fairly…

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