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A Theory of Revolutionary Subjectivity: my dream piece of writing!

Physical Reality and Human Psychologies – this would be introductory shit about the problems of “objectivity” from various perspectives: phenomenological, empirical, psychological. The whole point will be that we don’t live our lives …

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Comment on AnarchyPlanet Blogs

I like to take things up personally. That’s because I believe in making total direct confrontation as much as possible. If you got words, I got words and our words will make a fucking sherbert ice cream dream that you could never even imagine!

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Small Town Anarchist Organizing Event Changed to Wednesday 27th

Sorry for the fuck up, the calendar says monday the 26th but that is obviously not right the event about small town anarchist organizing in Winona Minnesota is actually Wednesday the 27th at 8 p.m.

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Fighting the Systems Within Us

[image originally from here] You Say Fair, I Say Faire… Hello. So, it has been some time since I jotted down some thoughts here, so here goes nothing – what interesting things can I write to you of… Well, the spring time is finally here – and not a moment too soon. Not to wrangle […]

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Violence Towards Authoritarians

There are a few very important points that are often overlooked in these anarchist debates about violence towards authoritarians. Consider this one point first with me: violence (in this specific context) is a form of communication and conflict. Two people having an intellectual conflict about, I don’t know …drinking beers get into a debate, maybe […]

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Memory: Self, Identity, Ideology, and Anarchy (notes)

These are just some notes and some arguments that come to mind when considering the strange conflicts my contemporary comrades have with Subjectivity, Identity Politics, Ideology, and Anarchy (or, anarchist struggle): Our sense of self, our identities …

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Introduction to the Perfect Castration

The prefect castration must consist of: Proper Use of Tools After-care Treatment The Mechanical Production of Erections (for function and for show). From the diagram above which depicts the general anatomical break down of the penis, we can see that a …

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