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“The Blog of Eternal Wretch” – Get it?

  The title for this blog, “The Blog of Eternal Wretch” is first a play off of the location in the movie, the Labyrinth: the Bog of Eternal Stench. For those who don’t know, David Bowie is a fucking sexy Goblin King in this movie named Jareth: the creator and master of the Labyrinth. Those […]

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A story of a Greek Assembly

Ever since I saw the Void Network give their presentation on the “Greek situation” I have wanted to seriously think, and put into practice, my understanding of what they meant by “an assembly”. Since I am in Greece now (updates of my Amsterdam trip will have to come later as I don’t want to lose […]

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Burn Out

I’ve grown quite bored with my thoughts and for a while, I am going to be fairly spent. At certain points I feel that I am not learning and growing anymore, but simply attempting to refine my style and articulate shit better that I already understand. There are better ways for me to entertain myself […]

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The Accused of Tarnac & the Anarchist Turn

I’ll stop being in “report back” mode since there isn’t really a way to report back events where nothing really happened… except in my mind! I’ll instead ramble along as I usually do trying to recreate those features of the events of April 30th to May 5th that interested me. I raced across the country […]

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Anarchist Revolution and the Middle Class

Anarchist Revolution and the Middle Class State and Capital The State was not born a capitalist state: it was feudal and colonial, but not capitalist. The State spread through colonialism and the accumulation of wealth to itself. It dispossessed (and still does dispossess) peoples of the land held in common …appropriating it and creating class […]

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Two movies this month “Behind the Rent Strike” and “Sleep Dealer”