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Authenticity and Security Culture

Authenticity is the exact point at which I depart from the post-structuralists and post-modernists. They can’t place agency -they find no sound argument for its existence. They harp on Heidegger for this emphasis on authenticity. But I’m no…

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Solidarity means marching in the rain

for a stranger, with strangers, in a strange town, and with a cop named Hans I am traveling around Europe this summer which means breaking out of routinues, judgements, and pre-conceived notions about people & their practices. This is a refreshing break for me and I hope this fuels my next set of projects and […]

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Trip update II

The trip so far has been spectacular. I have made f2f connections with many of the people that I would have hoped to and have had wonderful experiences in both Greece & the Netherlands. I am going to try to avoid making synthetic arguments at this point since I am not quite 1/2 way through […]

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Excommunicated from DGR

Well, my time as a member of the extremely exclusive Deep Green Resistance web community has come to an end. I’ve been officially banned from their forum. It was a fun run while it lasted. I gleaned a lot of … Continue reading

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Quick update

While I was at this, I’ve changed a bit the CSS of the development version of the site. I’m pleased to offer some screenshot for comparison. It looks more 201x now

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Authority and Civilization

Within the greater anti-civilization milieu, two major factions have been vocally distinguishing their approaches from one another: the anarcho-primitivists and the Deep Green Resistance movement. Occasionally this effort towards differentiation has been based on honest disagreement about theory and practice. … Continue reading

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Upcoming feature: custom PDF creator

Looking at the “Book” feature of wikipedia, I was wondering if the library too can have something similar… or even better! I’ve started working on some code, and so far it’s doing well… well, a bit messy, but definitively doable. Here there’s a preview of the rough interface I’ve built so far: Basically, the […]

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The*r* Thoughts?

I stare deeply into this photograph and from the unknowable regions of somewhere, the spirit of this moment of his becomes animate. I empathize with this spirit… This gaze from a hundred years ago. I feel a rush through my body. As if from beyond…

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