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The Personal (a ramble) – Money

I’m not anonymous. As much as I’d like to be, I’m not. I’ve written an autobiography up to the age of 21, I am entirely vulnerable to anyone who would want to find out where I live, what I look like… I’m not anonymou…

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One beer… Two beers… Eight beers. The slot between sociality, sexuality, emotionality, hunger and reflection is removed The correlation increases Between impulse and action Then oblivion.   BREAK   I read the reviews; sometimes de…

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Waiting for the Great Leap Forward

Asere, ¿qué bola?: A brief review of two Fifth Estate texts on Cuba (like very brief) An Anarchist in Cuba: Socialism or Cell Phones by Walker Lane Fifth Estate #378, Summer 2008. $4.00 Adios Socialismo by Walker Lane Fifth Estate #383, Summer 2010. $4.00 Well is down, so what else am I supposed to […]

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The Riot (a response to many comments on London’s riots)

The riot makes it possible for those with suppressed desires to have stuff (flat screens, drugs, arms, whatever) to get them, but the message is not what a rioter gets, but what a riot does. The riot changes the normal dynamics of power without normal mediations. Where the “angry, young, and poor” usually look through […]

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Some Reasons Why US Anarchists May Not Be Making Gains

Overview When the question is asked, “Why aren’t there more anarchists or more recognizable gains by anarchists in the US?”; I think some of the responses I’ve seen somewhat miss the mark. We are living in a country where the majority of the population is religious, white, and without anything close to a land base. […]

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The Hammer #1

Brief monthly reviews of the anarchist press For some time I have been lamenting the loss of the review, a format that is a great way to learn about projects, periodicals, and books that might interest a person. But it has largely died. The closest thing we had to an “anarchist review” was the brilliant […]

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