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Severed Roots

Roots of Self Pealing away at the onion of Identity has been a part of an extenuated existential crisis. One that has become more vast as I have become older, more complicated, and more entangled in relationships that are further from my affections. I …

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We had a debate and the results were unfulfilling

Last night my friends from Applied Nonexistence and The Oakland Commune threw a little debate at the Long Haul. I felt implicated. I participated in the debate on the side of Political Demands, both as a personal test and so that I have my story straight if the syndicalist round ups ever begin. Once I […]

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But What About the Vegans!?

Consider this post my farewell to veganism. I am writing it so that there is a single place to put down my ideas about the change and, I hope, the last place I’ll have to talk about this again. At the end of the day my change from being vegan has as much to do […]

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To Profess Progress

The recent Kaczynski-style attacks aimed at Mexican nano-technology researchers has lead to another wave of anti-primitivist rhetoric on the internet. Condemning targeted bombings of scientists is one thing, but insulting a wide range of people holding techno-skeptical views is quite … Continue reading

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The Black Cat

The Black Cat   This has nothing to do with anarchist syndicalist theory. When someone realizes that their youthful rejection of manipulation ought to be taken seriously in their adulthood, they become a rebel. As Bakunin once said, “To revolt is a natural tendency of life. Even a worm turns against the foot that crushes […]

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The Hammer – September 2011

The Hammer – brief monthly reviews of the anarchist press Even though publishing in the anarchist space was down a little this month (it being the end of the summer and all) we (LBC) attended the Seattle bookfair, which means this Hammer will be heavy on PNW (Pacific North West) publications. This is exciting, of […]

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Vomit (re-visited)

VOMIT IS AN EXPLOSION! Vomiting is a beautiful demonstration of life. There are a number of means to vomiting and some of them can become lethal: if someone is depressing their nervous system with some powerful chemicals, introducing stimulants will induce vomiting; if someone’s body toxicity becomes severe, they will heat up, sweat, become diarrhetic, […]

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The problems of opinions & wealth

I want to wrap up my out loud thinking about my time in Europe (I’ve been back for three weeks but it doesn’t feel like it since I am now traveling so much) with some conclusions but first some thoughts about other problems that feel specifically American but perhaps are more general. US radicals are […]

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