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What is new with Little Black Cart – Fall 2011

This is an exciting time to be in the Bay Area. The Occupation of Oakland (or as we prefer the Oakland Commune) has been amazing. It has made cynical people smile and even jaded people feel like there is something positive about what is happening in downtown Oakland. This is what is possible when anarchists […]

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Stirner, Not an Egoist

But who, then, will dissolve the spirit into its nothing? He who by means of the spirit set forth nature as the null, finite, transitory, he alone can bring down the spirit too to like nullity. I can; each one among you can, who does his will as an absolute I; in a word, the […]

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How Many Orwells Per Minute?

The Domination of Pro-Revolutionary Politics by the Middle Classes. “We are all low, we are all weak, we are all belonging to capital… this wretchedness is the true origin of our thoughts against our conditions.” In October of 2011 a letter authored by Ta Paidia Tis Galarias (TPTG), a communist group associated with anti-authoritarianism in […]

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The Eclipse and Re-emergence of the Grupos de Afinidad

The Eclipse and Re-emergence of the Grupos de Afinidad fils dupont   Anarchists have always assumed the dimension of the general state but rarely have they succeeded in harnessing this power for the benefit of its restrictive counterparts. Only when the power of the base is under the dictatorship of the union can it gradually […]

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Everything is Occupied.

Occupation is the full disclosure of the one dimensional society. In a society whose function serves only to employ dissent, the function of dissent now only serves. The triumph of rationalization, and the perfection of the human capacity to have unlimited and immediate access to knowledge has demystified space; consequently, it has left no space […]

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The World… and some stuff

October 3rd doing dirty dishes downstairs i would like to make dinner but all the dishes are dirty Haiku the World Goodness gracious, world – it has been sometime since the last, hasn’t it? Let’s no pretend you didn’t miss me (or did you!). Well, there were some things in-between – here for a moment, […]

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