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The Four That Should Not Be One

After my trip to Europe I came back to a couple of different existential challenges. This was put succinctly during a conversation with T in Greece who responded to my question “What was your biggest criticism of American Anarchists?” by saying simply “You all act like you are in High School” and as unfair as […]

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Murder: A Guided Meditation (for inconsiderate audio) Murder: A guided meditation   This is a guided meditation to purify the root chakra Close your eyes and get comfortable, it doesn’t matter how you’re sitting We will begin shortly… Notice your breath The waves of universal energy flowing in through your nose And out through your mouth Feel the energy moving through […]

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Change of pace – updated 12/18

Over the next few months i will be shifting the focus of this site. Since i started it i intended it as a source of information about practical actions anarchists can take to make our world at least a little … Continue reading

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