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Be relentless

The world responds to action, and not much else -Scott Adams I often have occasion to describe myself as competitive. This isn’t strictly true. I have little to no interest in zero-sum games or in defeating rivals in some arbitrary contest (whether a football game or games like money or market share). What I do […]

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Will to Power and the Laws of Attraction

Currently I’m going through drug treatment group therapy. One of the things the councilor brought up was the Laws of Attraction. The gist of it is by focusing the mind on things you’d like to have, those things will come into your life. While it is easy to be skeptical of accepting this method to […]

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Ending the Past to Consider the Present

For a long time I’ve attempted to make my participation in the Red and Anarchist Action Network known. I’ve wanted to rally post-left styled anarchists and anti-Leninist communists into some sort of coherent group locally and work forward from there. However, with the RAAN Hub down again and the continued lack of interest in changing […]

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Anarchist News: June 2012 updates

Anarchist infrastructure. What do we need and how do we get it? It took a while for me to come around to the idea we needed infrastructure of the sort that anarchist news provides. Of course it isn’t enough but it is what we have and it is reliable. Often times it is reliably frustrating: […]

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The Power of Covenant

A couple of songs I like to listen to by Covenant   Like Tears in the Rain We Stand Alone The first is a reminder that social decay is my world today.  The second is a reminder that my project is shared by those isolated individuals that watch the world decay.  Of the powerful social […]

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EPISODE #3 (featuring Vermin Supreme interview!)

Download audio file (Inconsiderate3.mp3) Get at that play button above or right-click on this text & save to lock this episode in your basement! Answer this episode’s poll question, and have your responses read on #4: “What’s your favorite thing … Continue reading

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Introduction by John Zerzan

Green Anarchy was begun in Eugene, Oregon in 2000 by Saxon Wood. After the first four issues, Wood handed the publication over to a group of rowdier, less traditional anarchists. In its time, from issue #5 through #25, 2001–2008, it matured into an explicitly anti-civilization zine. The subtitle, “An Anti-Civilization Journal of Theory and Action,”… (read more)

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The Ideal Lifestyle is Boring as Fuck