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Keating Like A Motherfucker

I recently saw another “anonymous” comment disappear of mine that fed into two memes. One equates any time an anarchist or radical mentions or does something against yuppies with Kevin Keating, the creator of Mission: Yuppie Eradication and other fine projects. The other was “RAAN like a motherfucker” which is a meme of lovable derision […]

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LBC Newsletter – September 2012

We are exhausted after the exciting events of the last month, having taken LBC to Los Angeles and Seattle and had friends table for us in Victoria and Minneapolis. Thanks to our friends we are able to travel far beyond what we are physically capable of. Friends! This month we are introducing a new imprint […]

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Waiting for the Great Leap Forward of the Lonely Island

Asere, ¿qué bola?: An extremely almost non-existent brief non-review of two Fifth Estate texts on Cuba [La playa near Santiago de Cuba, Cuba] An Anarchist in Cuba: Socialism or Cell Phones by Walker Lane Fifth Estate #378, Summer 2008. $4.00 Adios Socialismo by Walker Lane Fifth Estate #383, Summer 2010. $4.00 Hey friends don’t you […]

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Four lessons from Occupy

Earlier this week I gave a presentation at the Anarchist Studies Network conference which was an interesting use of my time. It was my first time talking to a crowd (it looked to be about 15-20 people) via Skype. That was unpleasant. It was also an excuse to put some of my thoughts down about […]

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Fuck the Anarchist News Moderators

I opted to post some silliness on Anarchist news dot org, as I and others often do. It was removed by someone on the website’s administrative staff. Because it didn’t break any guidelines, I decided to make an issue out of it and post comments against the moderator that was removing posts out of personal […]

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