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What’s new with Little Black Cart – Fall 2012

The first signs of winter are in the air and morale seems low. This is a perfect time to sit by a fire and read a good book or two. A time to conspire, prepare for future activities, and stay out of the cold. We have some morale boosters and some rich offerings for future […]

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You are principled independent, with a dark side Your responses indicate a desire to escape from your troubles, and a fear that this action will destroy what you’ve already achieved. These conflicting emotions sometimes cause you to be abnormally irritable and impatient when your needs are not met. Your concentration is also impacted, often leaving […]

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If only trolls are cruel what’s left for us?

A self-criticism. I find terrible, mocking humor to be enjoyable. I laugh at others expense and find the foibles and flaws of my rivals and political adversaries to be particular amusing. I will, in all engaged interest, sit for hours detailing flaws and imperfections in others, hopefully to comedic effect. I am not going to […]

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