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2012 – an anarchists year in review

I* had an amazing year in 2012. So much so that the kind of perfectly normal winter induced funk that I seem to be in seems a little bit embarrassing. Here is a little bit about the year and a bit more about the future. In 2011 I took a three month trip to Europe. […]

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Impeaching the moral stature of the Second World War

How do anarchists respond to the “Hitler would have won without the Allied forces” baloney? I’ll take a crack at this from another approach because I feel that this question is really about a rejection of the Good War myth. I have a great int…

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After a long hiatus due to broken computer shit, Inconsiderate Audio is back and producing another episode! Inconsiderate is impatiently awaiting an avalanche of contributions to pour in for us to sift through and edit to make you look worse … Continue reading

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KickStarter and Counter-Power

Two articles recently appeared on anarchist news concerning the practices and services offered by KickStarter. As most everyone who is likely to read this is aware, capitalism requires and increases more the dispossession of us both as individuals and as a class of the resources which we would need to produce what we consume. So […]

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