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On capitalism #1

I’m someone who works with LBC, and has been thinking a lot about things like what makes a project anarchist, and how do anarchists operate in the real world and stay consistent with their anarchist principles, and what *about* anarchists and capitalism, anyway… so me and my friend are going to be writing about this […]

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How not to burn bridges

At some point I became exhausted with the process of making new friends. This is perhaps telling sign of aging but I no longer feel like the honeymoon period of a relationship is the most important one anymore. It used to be that the first three hours, three weeks, three months of a new person, […]

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Reclaiming Manarchy

Reclaiming Manarchy   Some time ago I found myself swooning over an anarchist man that I don’t know. It was purely aesthetic: the way his neck hair almost blended in with the hair from his chin, his heart warming hugs, the glint in his eyes as we talked about the latest dramas of Bay Area […]

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