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Attentat Attentat – the journal of the nihilist position. This is a journal intended to explore the collision between anarchist and nihilist ideas. The position itself is more about collision than about words. For too long we have suffered the limitations of words and identities that collapse into insignificance without gaining the corresponding heft of […]

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Creating Anarchy

Creating Anarchy by Ron Sakolsky Ron Sakolsky is a rare anarchist for a variety of reasons, including his longevity, his intellectual pursuits (especially challenging academia), and his embrace of art and the surrealists, a tendency that is not strong among modern anarchists and one that could stand to be renewed. Creating Anarchy is a collection […]

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It is necessary to understand that we cannot wait for others—not even for other comrades—to give us the sign to act, the final indication. This must come from us. Each one of us, taken individually, must find his or her own comrades and constitute small affinity groups which are the essential element for giving life […]

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Propulsive Utopia

Propulsive Utopia This is not a simple call to action. The cemeteries are full of such calls. We are talking about a project that has been studied in the laboratories of capital and is now being applied to perfection. It is aimed at gradually and painlessly turning us away from our capacity to struggle. This […]

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Defacing The Currency

Defacing The Currency Bob Black’s first book in sixteen years. This is not because Bob has stopped writing, or even that the audience for his work has disappeared. Quite the opposite. It’s been sixteen years since Anarchy After Leftism because it has taken that long for the anarchist space to catch up to him. This […]

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Feral Revolution

Feral Revolution – Essays and Polemics of Feral Faun Anyone can spend years “in the wilderness”, Feral maintains, referring to the possibility of entering the reality of which the “wilderness” marks the extreme limit. It is the moment of truth when we discover whether we are really capable of breaking our bonds with society, the […]

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Between Predicates, War: Theses on Contemporary Struggle

Between Predicates, War: Theses on Contemporary Struggle A fragmented collection of theses on our tumultuous situation. From Egypt to the US, Greece to the UK, contemporary struggle announces a revolt against government. These theses draw a line connecting the forces at play, examine their parodic language, affective practices and radically self-annihilating tactics. At the threshold […]

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Let’s Destroy Work, Let’s Destroy the Economy

The old work ethic has disappeared along with the massive obsolete structures of capital which required a permanent army of producers, yet work still has far more implications than mere survival. Millions of people still compete for the privilege of turning up day after day, year after year, to surrender body and soul in exchange […]

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Stirner’s Critics

Brand new translation of Stirner’s responses to his critics, translated with care by Wolfi Landstreicher, with an introduction by Jason McQuinn. Max Stirner’s 1844 masterwork, Der Einzige und sein Eigenthum (The Unique and Its Property), is one of the most subversive, radical and extreme texts in all of history. It can also be described as […]

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Anarchism & Violence

Italian anarchist Severino Di Giovanni, one of the most vocal supporters of Sacco and Vanzetti in Argentina, bombed the American Embassy in Buenos Aires, a few hours after Sacco and Vanzetti were condemned to death. On November 26, 1927, Di Giovanni and others bombed a Combinados tobacco shop. On December 24, 1927, Di Giovanni blew […]

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Being better

I’m going to try to use a web posting to have a developed conversation about why I keep doing what I’m doing. Why anarchy? Sure, but also why projects, (anti)politics, or anything that doesn’t look like a quiet, satisfied life. One that doesn’t look like some satisfied combination of eating good food, consuming interesting media, […]

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Library update

Server issues It’s not a secret that the server has been having issues. Problems are being fixed, but it could take a while. As a counter-measure, a fully up-to-date mirror has been setup at (thanks to It’s not a dynamic site (i.e., you can’t edit or post texts), but it’s browsable and it’s […]

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