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Against friendship – Part I

Herein we will begin to argue against the revolutionary importance of friendship. Will not argue that friendship isn’t a fine and wonderful thing for daily life, for the eating of brunch, or the consumption of beverages. This is all well and good, do what one will, live your life. What we will argue against is […]

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Moral Fatigue

**This was supposed to come out on an episode of Inconsiderate (audio) so it is written to be heard, not so much read** Thanatos, the death urge. This is the morbid, subconscious fear of non-death which psychoanalysts attribute many of our fantasies to. Culture is filled with variations of this fear: purgatory, the nowhere of […]

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What’s New from LBC for Summer 2013

Summertime means the planning and plotting for the fall book fair season, Seattle, the East Bay, Los Angeles and the first ever fair in New Orleans. We do find time to enjoy the summer sun and visiting friends and we certainly enjoy the slightly more relaxed schedule that allows us to focus on the couple […]

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LBC Book of the Month – Whitherburo

Book for July 2013 – Whitherburo tl;dr – Little Black Cart has started a new forum to discuss our titles. Every month this forum will host a moderated discussion about a different title. This month we are discussing Whitherburo: Applied Metaphysics. We publish anarchist* books to create a hospitable environment for imaginative disagreement and passion. […]

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