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Extra-Terrestrials Choose Hollywood’s Sexiest Geeks to Lead Humanity in the War Against the Machines

Are you a Sexy Super-Geek? We need you to lead the Resistance! Once again, capitalism needs MORE GEEKS …and as always, Hollywood is here to build the prototype. There is a history to this trend. The movie Hackers came out in 1995, shortly before venture capitalists started frothing at the mouth causing the Dot-com bubble to […]

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Revisiting a Lesson from Philosophy 101

When I read intellectual debates on the internet, I tend to see very problematic presumptions in, incoherence, contradition, and a lot of people talking past each other. A lot of this could be avoided by using a simple guideline for articulating the features of someone’s position, which I’ll describe below. While I don’t recommend that […]

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What’s New from LBC – Fall 2013

Perhaps the biggest news for LBC this quarter is that we are traveling around most of the US over the next month. We will be bringing a large pile of books and a presentation for your entertainment. The updated schedule is here, with the tour beginning to Los Angeles this weekend and ending in Oakland […]

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Little Black Cart On Tour – Fall 2013

This fall (starting in less than 3 weeks) we (LBC) are heading out of California. We will be visiting campuses, houses, and infoshops around the US (or at least most of the area west of the Mississippi). We will be discussing infra, publishing, and the ideas published in the books we publish and distribute. If […]

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Back to Basics

Back to Basics PDFs Back to Basics – Primer What is Green Anarchy? What is the Left? What is Rewilding?

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