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Informal Anarchist Praxis: an open discussion of hangouts

Another Battlefield The purpose of this is to attempt broaching a debate of informal anarchist praxis that focuses on contexts which I lack the terminology to succinctly describe. The problem of terminology arises because the contexts with which I’m concerned are social spaces where numerous identities congregate and loosely compose a vague culture through familiarity […]

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The LBC Tour – Week Two and Three

The Midwest Whenever I return to the Midwest I feel like I have a sign over my head telling all passerby’s that I have returned, the prodigal son or some such shit. But the people who actually live here tend not to give a fuck. Everyone they know lives here so what’s it matter that […]

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Indigestion 10/17/2013

How a Radical New Teaching Method Could Unleash a Generation of Geniuses I fucking hated public school with a passion and when I first read A.S. Neill’s Summerhill in Jr. High, there was no longer any doubt in my mind that the school system was an absurdity. This was also the period in my life […]

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Indigestion 10/14/2013

Charlie Brooker Still Kicking Ass with Black Mirror Series The first time I ever saw something from Charlie Brooker, it was his hilarious summary of every news report you’ve ever seen on network television. I spent a good while browsing whatever I could find on YouTube (most of which is a bit dated for me […]

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Indigestion 10/09/2013

Another Day in the Demystification of Christianity “Jesus Christ is a fabricated cover story for an Imperial psychological warfare operation born out of the First Jewish-Roman War in the first century.” – On October 19th, Joseph Atwill will be showing his documentary and talking to the British public about the extent to which claims […]

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The LBC Tour – week one

The events Suffice it to say I am very thankful to all my hosts. I hope I was entertaining and seemed as appreciative as I was… Los Angeles – Public School LA is a strange town. I wouldn’t be surprised if one could have a half dozen events here (with the right contacts) with entirely […]

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Indigestion 10/06/2013

~Death Lake Magic~ A lake that turns living creatures to stone? I’m in love! Natron is both the name of a lake and the naturally occurring mineral after which the lake is named. Animals immersed in a solution of it will die and become calcified (with a few rare exceptions). Nice… Westboro Baptists Come Too […]

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LBC Fall 2013 tour

This is our up to date tour schedule. Come check us out! September 29th LA CA – The Public School September 30th Flagstaff AZ – Táala Hooghan Infoshop October 1st Durango CO – Fort Lewis College October 2nd Denver CO (?) October 3rd Minneapolis MN – Minnehaha Free Space October 4th Milwaukee WI – Center […]

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Indigestion 10/02/2013

This is the first digest in what I plan to continue as an ongoing project. I’m not sure how frequently I’m going to do these because some of this is more interesting the earlier it is read, but I’m considering a weekly if not bi-weekly release. My thoughts are that instead of passively consuming and […]

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