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Initial query about 2013 “best of @” awards

Consider this a warning and an invitation. We are putting together an event, several awards (including a statue and art), and categories for the 2013 awards. We would like your input before we settle on the categories of awards. Who would you like to see recognized for their work in the past year (or […]

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Against Alpha

  Earlier today I wrote this on the use of the word “Confident”. What I had in mind was the obnoxious use of the term in dating discourse: “When did “confident” go from describing how much doubt someone has in relationship to something (“I’m confident this will work”, “I’m confident in their capacity to manage […]

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On a second year of frequent publishing

Have you ever made a mind map? What is the difference between a project (in the project management sense of the word) and a project (in the anarchist sense of the word)? What is marketing? Is Dragon Naturally Speaking software a good investment? These questions, and many more, fill my days. Not exactly what one […]

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