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The Cultural Logic of Insurrection

The Cultural Logic of Insurrection by Alden Wood Tiqqun and The Invisible Committee, while clearly informed by academic discourses (such as traditional metaphysics, theories of sovereignty, the study of biopolitics and disciplinary practices, etc), are staunchly defiant of the academy’s monopoly over political thought. They are at once an appropriation, recontextualization, and a liberation of […]

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Demotivational Training

Demotivational Training by Guillaume Paoli Today the managers want nothing less than to make every employee a situationist, enjoining them to be spontaneous, creative, autonomous, freewheeling, unattached, and greeting the precariousness of their lives with open arms. Trying to outdo this would be absurd. On the other hand, limiting the critique to the domain of […]

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Queer Ultraviolence: Abridged Back Back! Anthology

Queer Ultraviolence: Abridged Back Back! Anthology by Fray Baroque & Tegan Eanelli This new slimmer version of QUV brings you all the punch of the first edition at half the price. With a new introduction, this prisoner friendly version is a must have. “Let’s be explicit: We are criminal queer anarchists and this world is […]

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The Masters Tools: Warfare and Insurgent Possibility

The Masters Tools: Warfare and Insurgent Possibility by Tom Nomad Tactical dynamics are amoral, arational, particular dynamics of conflict, and effectiveness is the accomplishment of objectives within this dynamic of profound uncertainty and resistance. Fusing ideas and action together is always already impossible: analysis generates a space that becomes inert while tactical dynamics are always […]

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BOOM by Aragorn! Here are compiled two pamphlets that introduced for a modern anarchist audience the relevance of nihilism, and the historic connections and disconnections between nihilism and anarchy. Especially because nihilism is a word that is gaining notoriety and credence in some anarchist circles, it is also, much like the word anarchy, used in […]

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Free From Civilization by Enrico Manicardi

Free From Civilization, by Enrico Manicardi Notes Toward a Radical Critique of Civilization’s Foundations: Domination, Culture, Fear Economics, Technology. In clear, impassioned prose, Enrico Manicardi analyzes the evils of our age from their genesis. This or that economic, technological or cultural model is not to blame for our current crisis; the blame lies with economics, […]

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Alexandre Jacob: Sailor, Thief, Anarchist, Convict (1879-1954) Vol. I

Alexandre Jacob: Sailor, Thief, Anarchist, Convict (1879-1954) Vol. I, by Bernard Thomas Basically we too, the hard, dauntless ones with our refusal to accommodate, even we, who are not discouraged by the threats of the institutions, nor by the far more terrible ones of imbecility disguised as rebellion, also need our iconography. That is why […]

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I Want To Be A Suicide Bomber

I Want To Be A Suicide Bomber “Why”ing not in order to get ready-made responses to daily media bombardements, and media intellectualisms, Somnambulist Situationists aim at miraculating a sleepwalker’s strategy to re-consider the Situationist Internationalist’s texts towards an un-negotiable, short-circuiting, non-identitarian, and especially a critically pervert position. How can we hypnotise the Father, or Hegel,? […]

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Hipster is just another word for getting older

On the eve of what I’m sure will be the passing fart of a cultural torch being passed from the Gen Y: kids of failed academic careers and sensible sweaters, to the tragically tragic I want to salute the anarchist hipster-cum-hipster anarchist for demonstrating… well not much of anything at all except that time is […]

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Why I Like Really, Really Wierd Shit So Much

ou·tré [oo-trey] Show IPA adjective passing the bounds of what is usual or considered proper; unconventional; bizarre. Origin: 1715–25;  < French,  past participle of outrer  to push beyond bounds *** A fascination with weird shit is important… For me it is invaluable. Surprisingly or not, this is because I consider weird shit to be fundamental […]

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Charting A Path Towards Vegetarianism

This is going to be an entirely different essay than the one which was originally posted here. I don’t care to explain why. Intro There are numerous approaches in deciding how to relate to other animal species. Some of which I find more problematic than others. Since I am secular, I will not be addressing […]

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Indigestion 01/06/2014

My annual life review had me looking over the first episodes of Indigestion and concluding that it is one of the most fulfilling projects I’ve worked on in a long time. So, I’m back to it! Enjoy ARCHISTS, ANARCHISTS AND EGOISTS  In this article, the author asks if Egoism and Anarchism are compatible. It begins […]

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