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Winners of the 2013 Anarchist News Awards

Context A lovely event space, or as lovely as a cold theater/warehouse space can be. Bright graffiti on the walls, people dressed up in a mixture of thrift store fabulous and job interview/funeral attire. An emcee who directed over a dozen different anarchist luminaries to present and present awards for the variety of “big awards” […]

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The notion of intellectuals is something that I’ve struggled with a long time. The concept grounds itself in a world peopled mostly by idiots and to whatever extent this is true, too often this implies that others’ stupidity is so severe that they’re fundamentally incapable of living a decent social life or even surviving without […]

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Political Naïveté

or what are we to do about Maoism One of the reasons that anarchism has become a popular political perspective is because in many contexts (for instance mass mobilizations or broad direct action campaigns) we seem open, friendly, and nonsectarian. This is in great contrast to visible (and visibly) Marxist or Leftist organizations, which either […]

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Another story about how we are doomed – this time with computers!

By and large I tend to keep my vocation (what I do to make money) entirely separate from the things that I write about. Even when that writing is the impoverished form of the blog entry, I try to keep it distinct from my life as a technologist. However I am making some career shifts […]

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