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A Grotesque Laugh from the Undead (RE: Why I Am Not Anarchist)

A Dorky Response to In the year 2053, Hiroshi Ishiguro developed an industrial technology which could manufacture an infinite supply of humanoid devices. This technology was immediately protected by the NWLOL as an international resource and regulated according to theorized use risks. While spinning the management of this technology as both potentially messianic and […]

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Media Buzz Topic: Depression

Depression has a lot of media buzz right now, which is a great excuse to write about it. There isn’t anything exceptional about it, it’s a typical phenomena that usually works well enough for getting us to relax. No one would bat an eye if you told them you were experiencing anhedonia (loss of pleasure […]

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Black Seed #2

Black Seed is an anarchist paper in the tradition of Green Anarchy magazine (RIP) that presents through essays, images, stories, and poetry, green anarchist perspectives. Black Seed is a 32 page newspaper format biannual publication. This is the second issue. Black Seed is a collectively-produced, print-only newspaper that is concerned with the larger questions of […]

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Anarchist Survival Guide for Understanding Gestapo Swine Interrogation Mind Games

Required reading for any anarchist who may have to deal with police. Real life experiences from Harold Thompson, long may he be remembered.
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Uncivilised: the Dark Mountain Manifesto

Dark Mountain is a not-anarchist English (mostly literature) project that is remarkably in synch with current green anarchist thinking on the environment and the options of humans (see Black Seed and Desert).
This is their manifesto.
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Writings of Anarchist and Bank Robber Gabriel Pombo da Silva

From the age of 15 Gabriel began to expropriate banks with his closest companions. For these illegal acts he was imprisoned in Spain where he became an anarchist. Gabriel has served more than 25 years in prison, 14 of which have been in isolation. He does not identify as a prisoner let alone as a […]

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Here… at the Center of the World in Revolt

  Here is the story of the composition of revolt broken into theory and practice. It is anarchist theory for the 21st century. The opposition of individual and community is a false one, for every model of individual implies a community, and every community an individual. The Western individual is the building block of a […]

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Huye Hombre Huye: Diary of a maximum security prisoner

  Huye, Hombre, Huye (Run, Man, Run) is the autobiography of Xosé Tarrío González. His story travels from the boarding school to the reformatory and then to prison. Due to additional punishments, Xosé was never released from prison, and instead spent the rest of his life fighting desperately to escape by any means necessary. This […]

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Women of Plogoff

In the 1970s and 80s France built a nuclear power infrastructure that would come to supply 80% of its electricity needs. During the years of planning and construction, people in France gradually became aware of the dangers and impacts of nuclear energy, and some fought development projects related to it. The Women of Plogoff is […]

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Insurgencies: A Journal of Insurgent Strategy

  We are speaking of the need to avoid the tragedy of the Red Army Faction just as much as the tragedy of Occupy, the need to abandon symbolic terrains of engagement, in which we struggle against unspecific enemies on abstract political terrain through the elaboration of our passions.  We are speaking of the necessity […]

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What’s New with LBC – Fall 2014

Summer has come to a close. This summer was delayed for us as our Spring books took a little longer than we would have liked to be completed (here is looking at you Dictionary of Unhappiness) but otherwise was surprisingly busy. Usually summers are very slow for LBC but not this year. Is this a […]

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