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The War of Reality

Introduction If an objective reality exists, it is not exactly what I am writing about when I write about reality. I don’t consider the reality I write of to be entirely subjective, either. Already I’ve used so many words that bother me: objective, reality, entirely, subjective. So to quickly move forward to what is and […]

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Anarcho-Pessimism: The Lost Writings of Laurence Labadie

Son of Joseph Labadie (of the famed Labadie Collection in Ann Arbor), Laurence Labadie out-distanced  his  father as a thinker and a polemicist. Laurence had the good luck to have been in consistent contact with some of the best writing by the American  individualist  anarchist  tradition. Through  a  series  of  ingenious  counterpoints  and elaborations he […]

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How to Live Now or Never

How to Live Now or Never collects exploratory and poetic works as a companion to The Impossible, Patience (Ardent Press), published earlier in the year. The two perform a dyadic acrobatic maneuver around the empty space where freedom, imagination, and possibility could exist in textual, temporal, and interpersonal relationships. Whereas The Impossible, Patience was serious […]

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Spiritual Journeys of an Anarchist

Spiritual Journeys is the story, by way of interview and narrative, of Wilson’s travels throughout the Middle East in the 1960s and 70s. This was a opium-fueled nomadic journey involving visits with Muslim heretics and other spiritual vagabonds through the possibility of Islam and a land we now only understand as reactive and terroristic (in […]

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Hostis 1: A Journal of Cruelty

Hostis is a negation. It emerges devoid of ethics, lacking any sense of democracy, and without a care for pre-figuring anything. Fed up with the search for a social solution to the present crisis, it aspires to be attacked wildly and painted as utterly black without a single virtue. In thought, Hostis is the construction […]

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What’s New with LBC – Winter 2015

It was an amazing fall and a fantastic year. In November we visited the Southeast (including the Carrboro Anarchist Bookfair) and participated in the third annual East Bay Book and Conversation event in the nearby town of Oakland, CA. Several of our titles are raising the kinds of heated conversation we are hoping to have […]

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cutting out intellectual labor for myself

The interactions I want to explore in this piece are those which structure the relationships between individual-environment or self-world: relationships with the non-human landscape, technology and family structure (forms of collectivity), the desire for access to a reality beyond sense-perception and consensus-reality, religion and state (and science) as an affirmation of such a reality, the […]

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