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Power Against Hierarchy …incomplete.

Augmented Reality Annabelle woke up early to check outside her apartment door for the new AR, one-a-day lenses she had pre-ordered from Cornea-X. It wasn’t very long after their release was announced that she confirmed the order; but, since it was the day of the release there were always potential last-minute setbacks. They had arrived […]

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A Little Pain

I usually keep these things to myself, as one is expected to do. Locking the heat in until the pressure cooker I become has cooled and no longer threatens to scald those nearby with steam. The cooling process is slow, but it can be timed. Time heals, sure. With enough of it, moments that offer […]

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Struggles of the Farmer Neighborhood in Tempe, AZ

For years I have been writing about subjectivity, long-term goals, cultural struggles, radical ghettos, liberating space, and resisting domination. Yet, I have failed in communication with comrades and friends alike to articulate the importance and originality of the Farmer neighborhood struggle; how it exemplifies an approach to rebellion that has won my approval, and the […]

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Regarding “Decolonizing the Imagination”

Dear friend, Thanks for asking about the oblique statement I made on Facebook to quote… I am terrified by the politics behind the phrase “decolonize the imagination” in regards to this link. To begin with let me state unequivocally that I loved Octavia Butler as an author and respect that fact that a generation of […]

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Rebellion and Future

The themes of time, context, and rebellion has ran through a variety of anarchist events that I have attended lately. This has taken the form of discussions about lifestylism (with crimethinc often cited), leftist ideals of the Revolution, the notion of prefiguration, and ideologies. The conversations usually go something like this: – Leftist revolutionary movements […]

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Occult philosophers and mystics have played an important role in my life and thinking. Although not often my primary focus, their theories, techniques, and stories have rode alongside my interests in psychology, Western philosophy, anarchism, and hyperspace. I’ve definitely done my dabbling, mostly with doubt and suspicion. However, I have consistently found some of it […]

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