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Informalist Anarchism: a Self-Interview

Q: Howdy, how are you doing Squee? A: Pretty good. I have been finding it very easy to flow lately, which has come after some time of feeling at the helm of a ship in a storm. Q: What do you want to talk about today? A: I want to talk about informal anarchism, but […]

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More Informal Thoughts

Anarchism from an informal perspective is different from class struggle anarchism and more contemporary, activist forms of anarchism. The way that individuals, groups, societies, institutions that govern them, interpersonal relationships, self-expression, and revolt are conceptualized by informal anarchists (well, me at least) don’t seem similar at all to the latter mentioned forms. From the ground […]

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A Dandy Response to Critiques of “the Milieu”

Sometimes anarchists have the emotional intelligence of a castaway… The Invisible Committee, among others, warn us that the Milieu is dangerous. I have been told throughout the years by so many miserable people that everything enjoyable about life is recuperative. At times I have aligned with this perspective. I have looked upon the reckless abandon […]

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As much as I hate you, work is worse

It has been a rough year so far. For the past few years I’ve been able to afford to work very part time and devote my energy to projects that I love and share with my closest friends. I’ve lost a few of those friends, some recently, and some in years past but if radical […]

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