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Glamor, Charm, Charisma and Boring Office Work

In old and forgotten times and places, charisma was thought to be an attribute that could be influenced through metaphysical means: the casting of spells, the blessing of gods, the alignment of stars. Today our understanding of charisma still refers to complicated systems that overpower the agency of individuals, however the “meta” that we seek […]

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In Defense of Bob Black

For those of you that haven’t heard I threw an event with Bob Black at our local infoshop on August 7th 2015. At this event local activist “Morgan Le Fay” came to protest Bob for the 1995 Hogshire affair and ended up punching him a few times (3) in the face. A month later Bob […]

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Being Cosmopolitan

I never really thought about my ideal group, but then I realized that most of my groups are an ideal group for me. I have typically crossed boundaries more than I have stuck with homogenous groups. When I think of who impressed on me my values for how I group early in life, I think […]

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DickPro To Go

Well, some of you may know sometime around the early 2000s I coined “dickpro” for dictatorship of the proletariat, which caught on briefly before people blew it off once they realized it wasn’t an actual thing, just me being silly. For me, the concept makes a great deal of sense, but seeing as it isn’t […]

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Work Abolitionist League

Beginning Thoughts on the Work Abolitionist League Purpose: To offer a open, explicit direction for a work abolitionist group to exist outside the activist frame of mind and scene ghettos which far too often absorb people into any variety of deferments to the abolition of work, that is wage slavery, all other forms of slavery […]

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