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Anarchists in Practice

The ugly truth is that there is little evidence to suggest that we will ever be more than one of countless minority groups, competing with other minority groups for not only social influence, but for a share of the world that is adequate for an autonom…

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Practical and Aesthetic Applications of the Principle of Ungovernableness

Forward Over the past several years, I’ve tried to concern myself with the applications of anarchist theory to everyday life. In my writing, I continued to scale up to higher levels of abstraction for the sake of communicating insights that were more generally applicable. That is what abstraction is good for. However, as I have […]

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Entry 2. To mile 1000.

Portland One expects the worst from Portland. From “we will not be silenced,” to Portlandia, to the fact that Portland doesn’t even seem to be trying any more I had low expectations. The fact that the only person I knew from the Annares collective wasn’t there and my fear started to rise. I was totally … Continue reading “Entry 2. To mile 1000.”

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Entry 1 – #lbcasual tour

About 450 miles from Berkeley, CA to Southern Oregon First stops I’m going to journal my trip a little bit, not so personal but perhaps over personal along the lines of what a long motorcycle trip looks like for a middle aged person. What travails and pleasantries I encounter and how I somehow relate all … Continue reading “Entry 1 – #lbcasual tour”

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My Problems …elections, christians, etc.

It’s election time. I’m watching mostly one side of a national debate post article after article in support of their candidate; or, against their candidate’s opponent. I have already seen enough tears, disappointment, frustration, and encouragement for the next year of my life. Personally, I can’t relate. In a way that is very similar to […]

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The Capitalist Concept of Self-Interest

The philosophical debate is not about the extent to which any wage-worker can decide what jobs to apply for, nor their potential to become business owners instead. At the heart of liberal philosophy is the tendency to conceptualize matters a-historically and with a focus on the solitary activity of individuals. Self-interest loses its meaning the […]

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The Casual LBC Tour

I am about to head out to the 49th parallel for a two month motorcycle tour. That could be fun. April 17th – Portland OR: Anarres Infoshop April 18th – Seattle WA: Left Bank Books April 24th – Victoria BC: Camas books April 25th – Vancouver BC: 38 Blood Alley May 2-3rd – Minneapolis MN … Continue reading “The Casual LBC Tour”

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