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August Events

Noise Demo at the Northwest Detention Center (1623 East J Street Tacoma, WA 98421) Saturday, August 28th 3:30PM Info-Night: On the Northwest Detention Center, Immigration, GEO Group, and the Prison World presently Thursday, August 26th 7PM The Battle of Khimki Wednesday, August 25th 7PM at M11 The Battle of Khimki: Russian anarchists take on fascists, […]

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July Events

Free Movie: Lucio Thursday, July 29th 6PM Against Patriarchy, Beyond Feminism: 9 Days of Events for Our Bodies, Ourselves Friday, July 9th-Saturday July 17th Schedule: Friday, July 9th: It begins! Potluck style party coupled with a discussion about prisons, and women in prison. 7:00pm at the M-11 1212 S. 11th Street Suite 24. Tacoma, WA. […]

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July Anarchist News Digest and the moderation group

Enjoy this months Anarchist News Digest. We are considering making this a monthly print publication and sending copies throughout the land. If you would be interested in receiving a bundle for your community drop us a line. This month we would like to welcome our brand new moderation group. This group includes users exile, task, […]

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Why Anarchist, Why News?

Anarchism is the simplest of ideas. Humans desire freedom and have the capacity to live in freedom from systems of control including (but not exclusive) the State, Capitalism, and Hierarchy, et al. In addition there is a history of individuals and groups that have tried to wrest autonomy from our modern conditions. This is anarchism: […]

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Name change & an update regarding moderation – June 2010

As of this month we are changing the name of the Anarchist News newsletter (formerly known as ATubes) to the Anarchist News Digest (AND). While we thought referencing the Internet as a series of tubes was cute, perhaps it wasn’t cute enough for the newsletter. Download the newest issue, print it out and share it […]

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Privacy settings & changes in services

This week the issue of moderation became a hot topic again. There is a pleasant fiction that anarchist news is a place where anarchists, and our friends, can sit around the campfire of relevant news and have a discussion with each other. But even if this were true our motivations are too varied. We do […]

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May ATubes & Anarchy Planet

The May ATubes is available. Check it out. We believe this is a good way to print out the months news related to anarchists. We envision this being printed, copied, and distributed in public spaces. Please tell us about successes and failures with this strategy in the comments. Light moderation has been a success so […]

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May Events

Anti-Prison Demo Saturday, May 15th at 2:00pm At the Pierce County Jail,Tacoma, Washington Meet at South 9th St. and South Yakima Ave “So prison is the ideal kind of death, because it eliminates en masse those whom society could only physically kill in very small numbers.” – Against Prisons Catherine Baker This noise demo is […]

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On Moderation – part 3 of an endless series

Attentive viewers will have noticed that I have started light moderation. This means ‘unpublishing’ comments at this point and I’d like to share the mechanism by which I will moderate a comment. 1) It is entirely hostile to the anarchist project 2) It is offensive to my not-so-delicate sensibilities (most permutations of the N word, […]

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It seems like the ethical thing to do is to use the service myself. This will be a place where I discuss things that I am enjoying about the projects around Anarchy Planet. I will also announce new things about the Planet, @news, and assorted sites. I will keep it to the point and avoid […]

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April Events

The North West Anarchist Conference Saturday, April 24th and Sunday, April 25th. 12:00 pm to 6:00 pm At Evergreen State College, 2700 Evergreen Parkway NW,Olympia, Washington 98505 Inside Building Seminar II, room E 1107 A Short Introduction: The idea and focus behind this conference is to bring different types of anarchist practice to the for-front […]

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Update on the Greeks and the amazing generosity of North American Anarchists

It is really easy to be hard on ourselves. We aren’t exactly in a time of libertarian social change and at best we have minor victories, over a window or maybe some Maoists, nothing serious. Nothing to get all gloat-y about. And we don’t. Mostly we beat each other up on the Internet, take ourselves […]

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What is new with Little Black Cart – March 1st 2010

The LBC crew has been working through the winter to make this Spring one to remember. We are lining things up so that we can make it to all the major book fair events around North America and bring people texts and conversation that they can only find through us. We are really excited for […]

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