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Agamben on Tiqqun

A kind NYC blogger did a quick-dirty translation of the Agamben/Hazan discussion on Tiqqun. It was later taken down. I can’t speak to the quality of the translation, some things are obviously wrong (for instance the translator remarks that FC … Continue reading

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burning matches – literal titles

Claire Fontaine – VIDEO Matches burning in the front room of the STL Contemporary  Apart from the shitty music, which is probably the St. Louis Contemporary’s fault, this is an interesting piece by Claire Fontaine.  As matches collectively burn, they eventually extinguish … Continue reading

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difference, not reference

“The simple inference that meaning is differential, not referential, has profound implications for our understanding of the relations between human beings and the world, and many of them remain controversial even now.” Perhaps, it is because we are so fully … Continue reading

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THE MFin’ Projects!

BEFORE 2010 throws up them deuces, expect these projects from AMEL to be completed… 1. CrimethInc. and Adorno sit down to tea – they’re flirty but still somewhat vacantly removed from one another. They think they kind of like each … Continue reading

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Andreas Templin is totally awesome…TOTES! (archived 11-16-2010)