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Violence Towards Authoritarians

There are a few very important points that are often overlooked in these anarchist debates about violence towards authoritarians. Consider this one point first with me: violence (in this specific context) is a form of communication and conflict. Two people having an intellectual conflict about, I don’t know …drinking beers get into a debate, maybe […]

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Ramblings 10 to a Negative Power: Systems of Consequence

Systems of Consequence I think there is a subtle critique beneath many anarchist arguments of artificial systems of consequence as opposed to organic systems of consequence. What I mean by these terms is that the environmental conditions (the material …

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Pathological Anarchist

Pathological Anarchist A Case Study   Self-Definition in 3 Complexes   Introduction   For a while now, I have been trying to understand the connections between my life history, character, values, and philosophical beliefs. Through fairly…

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What is left to write must not be writ.

Some Anarchists write of very deep, philosophical, historical, and ethical questions: they know their boundaries. Other Anarchists repeat the same drivel over and over again: they’ve memorized their rhetoric. Then there are Anarchists who put their pens to the tasks of strategy, tactics, daily life, and what to do: they know the difference between theory […]

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Movements: the Party you can’t vote for!

What is the Movement? Do you feel it next door? Does it whisper in your ear at night? Does it take the streets… or just scuff them? We know the answers to these questions, but can we define the Movement? Call it “the Movement”, call it “a Mass-Movement”, or just call it “Movement”: it will […]

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Psychologies from a Revolutionary Perspective

[This is taken from a letter in response to a comrade that wants to explore the importance of social-psychology for anarchist theory] History (and time in general) are of great importance to social-psychology, in my opinion. To me, this not only means evolution (the history of life), but social history, political history, etc. If a […]

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The Social-Psychological Revolution

What sort of revolution are we really after? We have called it the “Social Revolution” before, in opposition to a political revolution (where we would merely change the political and economic systems). This is a good start, but I believe that anarchist theory has become much more than even a social revolution. Surely, we seek […]

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Capitalism from the Perspective of an Artist

Capitalism from the perspective of an artist… There are many ways to critique the capitalist mode of production, the consumer society, its spectacles, and the stultification of the spirit one suffers under its logic. While I have found most of these critiques intellectually sound, my heart is not touched by them. Not by Marx, Debord, […]

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