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The Collected Communiques of Individualists Tending Toward the Wild

The Collected Communiques of Individualists Tending Toward the Wild Notorious for their extreme actions, including bombing nano-tech institutions, here are their collected communiques. World powers are getting ready for biochemical and nuclear wars. To finish completely with their politico-diplomatic enemies they have made available new technology with the ability to become intelligent and cause irreparable […]

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Conspiracy of Cells of Fire: Chronology of Actions

A time line of actions and communiques from 2011 and 2012.
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Illegalist Trial Statements

A small and very pretty publication compiling statements made at their trials by illegalist icons like Ravachol, Maurice Jacobs, Raymond Callemin, Emile Henry, Clement Duval, and August Vaillant.
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On The Run

On The Run by Anonymous A nicely produced little booklet including writings by and about Felicity Ryder, Diego Rios, Gabriela Curilem and about being underground. For people to take action seriously, requires serious consideration of what to do when the reaction hits. This booklet joins Incognito in exploring the realities of going underground. “The refusal […]

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Land and Freedom: An Open Invitation

Land and Freedom: An Open Invitation by Seaweed Drawing from histories of rebellion, Seaweed begins a conversation with fellow anarchists about struggle, strategy, subsistenence, or past, and our future. What kind of communities do we need to exist to support long-term rebellion against Capitalism? What would it mean to create insurrectionary movements for subsistence? What […]

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Scratching The Tiger’s Belly

Scratching The Tiger’s Belly by Ron Sakolsky A radical mixtape of hidden histories, rebel poems, prickly rants, black humor, intoxicating adventures, razor sharp polemics, slyly subversive stories, provocative parables and ideas-in-action. Food for thought, ready to be washed down with the heady grog of mutiny! “Right from the start of this gorgeously designed book, you […]

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The Failure of Nonviolence: From the Arab Spring to Occupy

The Failure of Nonviolence: From the Arab Spring to Occupy by Peter Gelgerloos From the Arab Spring to the plaza occupation movement in Spain, the student movement in the UK and Occupy in the US, many new social movements have started peacefully, only to adopt a diversity of tactics as they grew in strength and […]

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Anarchy Works

Anarchy Works by Peter Gelderloos This book takes examples from around the world, picking through history and anthropology, showing that people have, in different ways and at different times, demonstrated mutual aid, self-organization, autonomy, horizontal decision making, and so forth–the principles that anarchy is founded on–regardless of whether they called themselves anarchists or not. Too […]

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Occupy Everything: Anarchists in the Occupy Movement 2009-2011

Anarchists in the Occupy Movement 2009-2011 Anarchists have been part of Occupy since before it was even clearly a movement. This is a book where anarchists, in their own words, express how and why they engaged in Occupy, what methods they used, and how to evaluate the success of Occupy on anarchist terms. It also […]

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Whitherburo by Anonymous That America and its way of life are ending, there is not the slightest doubt. But for what reason, and in what manner, and what can possibly come next? What happens in the gap between two worlds, when the new is only dimly glimpsed like a far shore in the night, and […]

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Theory of Bloom

Theory of Bloom by Tiqqun, translated by Robert Hurley The Theory of Bloom is the theory of the isolated subject of the modern era. The Bloom is forced to fixate on certain social roles in order to survive. Worker, housewife, professional, student, citizen, all of the roles are but masks, donned and rarely removed. The […]

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Novatore, translated by Wolfi Landstreicher Renzo Novatore is the pen-name of Abele Rizieri Ferrari who was born in Arcola, Italy (a village of La Spezia) on May 12, 1890 to a poor peasant family. Unwilling to adapt to scholastic discipline, he only attended a few months of the first grade of grammar school and then […]

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Adios Prison: Tales of Spectacular Escape

Adios Prison: Tales of Spectacular Escape by Juan Jose Garfia The barely fictionalized accounts of four escapes from prison, written in the 90s and recently translated from the Spanish. These stories are important as more and more of our friends go to prison; they are realistic portrayals by experienced people about what prison is like, […]

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The Cultural Logic of Insurrection

The Cultural Logic of Insurrection by Alden Wood Tiqqun and The Invisible Committee, while clearly informed by academic discourses (such as traditional metaphysics, theories of sovereignty, the study of biopolitics and disciplinary practices, etc), are staunchly defiant of the academy’s monopoly over political thought. They are at once an appropriation, recontextualization, and a liberation of […]

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Demotivational Training

Demotivational Training by Guillaume Paoli Today the managers want nothing less than to make every employee a situationist, enjoining them to be spontaneous, creative, autonomous, freewheeling, unattached, and greeting the precariousness of their lives with open arms. Trying to outdo this would be absurd. On the other hand, limiting the critique to the domain of […]

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Queer Ultraviolence: Abridged Back Back! Anthology

Queer Ultraviolence: Abridged Back Back! Anthology by Fray Baroque & Tegan Eanelli This new slimmer version of QUV brings you all the punch of the first edition at half the price. With a new introduction, this prisoner friendly version is a must have. “Let’s be explicit: We are criminal queer anarchists and this world is […]

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The Masters Tools: Warfare and Insurgent Possibility

The Masters Tools: Warfare and Insurgent Possibility by Tom Nomad Tactical dynamics are amoral, arational, particular dynamics of conflict, and effectiveness is the accomplishment of objectives within this dynamic of profound uncertainty and resistance. Fusing ideas and action together is always already impossible: analysis generates a space that becomes inert while tactical dynamics are always […]

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BOOM by Aragorn! Here are compiled two pamphlets that introduced for a modern anarchist audience the relevance of nihilism, and the historic connections and disconnections between nihilism and anarchy. Especially because nihilism is a word that is gaining notoriety and credence in some anarchist circles, it is also, much like the word anarchy, used in […]

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Free From Civilization by Enrico Manicardi

Free From Civilization, by Enrico Manicardi Notes Toward a Radical Critique of Civilization’s Foundations: Domination, Culture, Fear Economics, Technology. In clear, impassioned prose, Enrico Manicardi analyzes the evils of our age from their genesis. This or that economic, technological or cultural model is not to blame for our current crisis; the blame lies with economics, […]

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Alexandre Jacob: Sailor, Thief, Anarchist, Convict (1879-1954) Vol. I

Alexandre Jacob: Sailor, Thief, Anarchist, Convict (1879-1954) Vol. I, by Bernard Thomas Basically we too, the hard, dauntless ones with our refusal to accommodate, even we, who are not discouraged by the threats of the institutions, nor by the far more terrible ones of imbecility disguised as rebellion, also need our iconography. That is why […]

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