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What is new with Little Black Cart – Spring 2012

One book a month. This was the quiet goal we set ourselves upon for 2012 and, so far, it has been working. Now that the book is dead, anarchy is a relic of history, and the end of history is upon us it is the perfect time to make anarchist books about the end of […]

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What is new with Little Black Cart – Fall 2011

This is an exciting time to be in the Bay Area. The Occupation of Oakland (or as we prefer the Oakland Commune) has been amazing. It has made cynical people smile and even jaded people feel like there is something positive about what is happening in downtown Oakland. This is what is possible when anarchists […]

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What is new with Little Black Cart – Spring 2011

Things to do, things to do… Hey! Here is what is going on with us! We are just finalizing everything we need to do to prepare for 8 days of Anarchy a festival we have here in the Bay Area around the time of the BASTARD conference. We hope that those of you on the […]

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Small November announcement

Dear friends of LBC, We just to let you know that while we anticipated being at the Portland Bookfair (which is why we didn’t make it to the Tacoma one, since we have to pace ourselves) — and in fact requested two tables as soon as the event was announced, the Portland Bookfair people have […]

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What is new with Little Black Cart – Fall 2010

This summer included fun trips to Seattle (the NW is the best!) and a wonderful trip to Minneapolis. The midwest is a refreshing change from the coastal anarchist scene. Less sectarian, less bohemian, and full of interesting projects. People should stop moving to the coasts and make the Midwest more awesome! Halloween is near. The […]

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What is new with Little Black Cart – Summer 2010

Spring was a great time for LBC. The Bay Area bookfair was great and the NYC bookfair was a great deal of fun. We even had a quick trip up to Olympia! We watched 10,000 copies ofAfter the Fall pass into the hands of people who found spectacular use for it. We also watched the […]

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What is new with Little Black Cart – November 2009

LBC just had a great trip up to the northwest. The first annual Seattle bookfair was a success and we got to see lots of old and new friends. We brought a posse with us which made the long drive a lot more fun. We look forward to spending more time in the NorthWest as […]

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Towards a Gay Communism – LBC Finally we’re getting some of the titles that we picked up in Seattle onto the site. Particularly noteworthy to me is the pamphlet “Towards a Gay Communism,” partly because the title is so evocative (so many ideologies need to be shaken up and mixed with fruit!), and partly because […]

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Modesto Anarcho #12 the valley’s insurrectionary journal of class struggle

Author: MAC Modesto Anarcho – LBC The latest edition of this local-oriented journal has a color cover, correspondence from prisoners; a report on the Firehouse 51 (billed as “Modesto’s newest proletarian hangout”); a piece reporting on police brutality and surveillance, a report by the Central Valley Immigrant Rights Network, info about the Bad Date Sheet […]

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Under the Starling Host (Blackbird Raum)

Author: Blackbird Raum BBR: Under the Starling Host – LBC Anarchist folk punk band Blackbird Raum’s spanking new cd, with the songs turning away, catherine’s wheel, lucasville, all turning backs in the meadow and wait while bones are thrown, to the barricades!, william, the helm of ned kelly, crumbs, snare, old one eye, conquest of […]

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Communicating Vessels #21

Author: Communicating Vessels CV #21 – LBC This surrealist-inspired anti-state communist journal gets better and better, as the producer gains skill and confidence in his press technique. Someone once described him as an old man, and while chronologically that is not correct, it does accurately describe the appeal to old fashioned values that he describes, […]

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Politics is not a Banana #2

Author: PINAB Politics Is Not a Banana – LBC Politics is Not a Banana:What are You Doing After… the Orgy or Insurrection or Whatever? Author: Various The Journal of Vulgar Discourse Here is the latest from the high design, fuck-friendly insurrectionaries at the Institute for Experimental Freedom. This issue is more like a small book […]

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After Makhno: Hidden histories of Anarchism in the Ukraine

Author: Anatoly Dubovnik & D.I. Rublyov LBC Link The newest offering from the estimable Kate Sharpley Library, this is a 2007 article by Anatoly Dubovik, “The Anarchist Underground in the Ukraine in the 1920s and 1930s: outlines of history”; and “The Story of a Leaflet and the Fate of Anarchist Varshavkiy (from the History of […]

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Slingshot Organizer, pocket 2010

Author: Slingshot LBC Link Your favorite pocket-sized calendar is here to ease your way into the new year. With lots of interesting and possibly useful information, including tips on dealing with the police… in case you have friends who might need it. Loads of fun colors (pictured is “beet it”, commemorating the passing of a […]

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LBC Update 9/14/09

Summer was a rough time for LBC. The hoped for LBC book mobile tour has been delayed and we spent far too much time at the hospital than we would have wished for. Easy things have been difficult. Difficult things have been impossible. We have higher hopes for the fall.
This fall we plan on heading […]

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