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What’s new with Little Black Cart – Winter 2013

Anarchist publishing thrives on visible anarchist activity. The past 18 months has been an exciting time for both, which raises the question of what’s next? When we consider future titles we do it with an eye on what will inspire the next wave of activity: what informed the last wave and what were its limitations? […]

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What’s new with Little Black Cart – Fall 2012

The first signs of winter are in the air and morale seems low. This is a perfect time to sit by a fire and read a good book or two. A time to conspire, prepare for future activities, and stay out of the cold. We have some morale boosters and some rich offerings for future […]

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LBC Newsletter – September 2012

We are exhausted after the exciting events of the last month, having taken LBC to Los Angeles and Seattle and had friends table for us in Victoria and Minneapolis. Thanks to our friends we are able to travel far beyond what we are physically capable of. Friends! This month we are introducing a new imprint […]

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LBC Newsletter August 2012

This month we bring a new process for updating people about what we are working on. We will still issue our quarterly “What’s new with LBC” that will be more broadly available (posted to the broad Internet) but for our closer friends (the thousand or so who read our blog and receive our update emails) […]

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What’s new with Little Black Cart – Summer 2012

After an exhausting Spring with visits to NYC, the Midwest, and Montreal we have settled back down to work for the summer. This summer is a great one for LBC as we are growing faster than anticipated with new people getting involved and a great increase this summer in the project. This is especially exciting […]

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What is new with Little Black Cart – Early 2012

As you may have heard (but probably didn’t)… These are active times at LBC Headquarters. We have transformed our project from a part-time, do-as-we-may, casual distribution project into a full time, agile distribution AND publishing project. We did this with the announcement of LBC Books and our first three published titles. These titles include the […]

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