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Impeaching the moral stature of the Second World War

How do anarchists respond to the “Hitler would have won without the Allied forces” baloney? I’ll take a crack at this from another approach because I feel that this question is really about a rejection of the Good War myth. I have a great int…

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How Many Orwells Per Minute?

The Domination of Pro-Revolutionary Politics by the Middle Classes. “We are all low, we are all weak, we are all belonging to capital… this wretchedness is the true origin of our thoughts against our conditions.” In October of 2011 a letter authored by Ta Paidia Tis Galarias (TPTG), a communist group associated with anti-authoritarianism in […]

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“Genocidal Aspirations”

Anarchist International: Genocidal Aspirations In the course of another thread, I thought the juxtaposition of these two statements was stupefying: …the genocidal aspirations of primitivism … Although I wouldn’t necessarily say Left Communism has that dark of a history. It strikes me as a very unsettling intersection of ignorance. Unsettling because in the course of […]

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The accusation of “ideological purity” begs the question. It does not address the problem at hand. It shuts down the question that should be asked, the problem to be overcome — ideological purity does not exist. Humans cannot realize it. If the followers of Christ aspired to goodness and communion with every other, but realized […]

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Revleft admin runs in campaign for city council; bans users for speaking about it and complaining about Revleft banning policies.

Funny stuff. ATTENTION: Currently there is some ridiculous drama going on over on RevLeft: Long-time user and ex-admin “The Anarchist Tension”, who many of us know and love, was banned for pointing out the fact that one of the admins (Smurfette) is running a political campaign for city council on a pro-business platform. [Ha, as […]

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Veranasi————— One of my favorite fights in philosophy was between W. V. Quine and Ruth Barcan Marcus. Quine, a sort of poststructuralist logician decided one day to attack Quantified Modal Logic (Barcan’s project) and put an end to that school. He called the scheme essentialist (a popular way to destroy ideas in philosophy) because of […]

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Why Aufheben Dumped Critique In Its Dash For Reality

Realistic in form, Socialist in content. By Belote. There was never a pressing reason to become an avid observer of Aufheben so I hope the reader will forgive me for not noticing when and why that journal shifted its emphasis from the production of theoretical communist texts to its current preference for news analysis. I […]

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