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Free Radical Radio

I didn’t realize I had been building up some anticipation about my participation in Free Radical Radio; so, I won’t continue to. I am no longer working on the project because I moved back to Tempe, AZ. The story isn’t very interesting: I shattered my heel bone in September of ’15, lost my ability to […]

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Anarchists in Practice

The ugly truth is that there is little evidence to suggest that we will ever be more than one of countless minority groups, competing with other minority groups for not only social influence, but for a share of the world that is adequate for an autonom…

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Practical and Aesthetic Applications of the Principle of Ungovernableness

Forward Over the past several years, I’ve tried to concern myself with the applications of anarchist theory to everyday life. In my writing, I continued to scale up to higher levels of abstraction for the sake of communicating insights that were more generally applicable. That is what abstraction is good for. However, as I have […]

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My Problems …elections, christians, etc.

It’s election time. I’m watching mostly one side of a national debate post article after article in support of their candidate; or, against their candidate’s opponent. I have already seen enough tears, disappointment, frustration, and encouragement for the next year of my life. Personally, I can’t relate. In a way that is very similar to […]

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The Capitalist Concept of Self-Interest

The philosophical debate is not about the extent to which any wage-worker can decide what jobs to apply for, nor their potential to become business owners instead. At the heart of liberal philosophy is the tendency to conceptualize matters a-historically and with a focus on the solitary activity of individuals. Self-interest loses its meaning the […]

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Self-Interview – The Status of the Internet

Q: So, why do you want to write about cyberspace? A: I think we’re at a point now – the 21st Century – where the ubiquity of networked communications, media, and culture is becoming vital to the structure of society …no longer a side-show, a field, a hobby, a trade …rather, a fundamental aspect of […]

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The Cumming Hipsterection

Opening lines are for assholes, so I always try to plow through them. Let’s just get straight to the point: the Hipster is everywhere, and it’s staying. Now that I’ve prematurely stated the conclusion, I’ll try to unpack it so that eventually, I’ll have communicated something meaningful… I assume that the term “hipster” is defined […]

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Squee’s Guide to the Sensual Evening

Before you play the video above, make sure you have some Häagen-Dazs  Dulce de Leche Ice Cream This is important, it’s the flavor of the video… well one of them. Hopefully you are watching this two hours after sunset, in your underwear or naked, before you go out for the evening… You need time afterwards […]

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Post-Modernity and the Appeal of Anarchism: Follow-up

On December 5th, I presented at the East Bay Anarchist Bookfair and Conversation Event because there were not as many presentation submissions as I had hoped for. During the initial organizational meetings for the event, we discussed what the theme would be, which became both the Inhuman and the Anthroposcene. Thinking about the question, “what […]

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On 9/11/2015, I made the mistake of breaking my foot. The bone I broke is the calcaneus (or, “heel bone”). It is sometimes referred to as a Don Juan Fracture; or, a Lover’s Fracture. The term “Lover’s Fracture” comes from the nature of the break: besides car accidents, it is a break that usually happens […]

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Behind the Glamor

In my last entry, I made an attempt to describe the relationship between office work and the power of appearances. To recap the growth of both office work and what may be thought of as the entertainment industry account for some of the significant changes that came of the 20th Century. Some connections between the […]

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Glamor, Charm, Charisma and Boring Office Work

In old and forgotten times and places, charisma was thought to be an attribute that could be influenced through metaphysical means: the casting of spells, the blessing of gods, the alignment of stars. Today our understanding of charisma still refers to complicated systems that overpower the agency of individuals, however the “meta” that we seek […]

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Squee’s Guide to Living

1) The first thing that every human being should understand is how important their asshole is… You should be regular and regularly shitting something of substance. If you’re not shitting something of substance, you’re not living. This is the most fundamental event of your life. You can measure everything about the quality of your life […]

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Identity and Developmental Psychology (for anarchists)

I often read questions posed by anarchists that to really answer, require insight into the psychological development of individual subjects. Additionally, what I’ve noticed along with the frequency of these sorts of questions is the extent to which anarchists want nothing to do with psychology. I’ve never been entirely certain why this is, but giving […]

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Anarchists and Dionysus

I’ll write it later, but the idea is going to be about us Dionysian types and the difficulties of dealing with the revolutionaries. This isn’t going to be some Nietzsche blah-blah. There has and still is a rift between the “serious revolutionaries” and the punks, artists, hedonists, queers, whatever. The difference between how we hate […]

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More questioning of Sexuality and Identity

I’ve been trying to come up with a term to summarize a concept: DGaF-Sexual (DGaF = Don’t Give a Fuck), I-don’t-know-or-care-sexual, are-you-asking-me-if-i’ll-do-you-sexual. None of it is sticking. I’ve written enough general stuff about this, but I don’t even think queer or binary-opposed arguments are cutting it. I really just don’t see any point to defining […]

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Squee’s Wretched Sounds