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More Informal Thoughts

Anarchism from an informal perspective is different from class struggle anarchism and more contemporary, activist forms of anarchism. The way that individuals, groups, societies, institutions that govern them, interpersonal relationships, self-expression, and revolt are conceptualized by informal anarchists (well, me at least) don’t seem similar at all to the latter mentioned forms. From the ground […]

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A Dandy Response to Critiques of “the Milieu”

Sometimes anarchists have the emotional intelligence of a castaway… The Invisible Committee, among others, warn us that the Milieu is dangerous. I have been told throughout the years by so many miserable people that everything enjoyable about life is recuperative. At times I have aligned with this perspective. I have looked upon the reckless abandon […]

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Green Anarchism: a Self-Interview

Q: Are you a Green Anarchist? A: The short answer is, “I don’t know.” I have more questions than I have answers about this. Like most things, it depends how the term is defined. Q: Well let’s start with definition, then. How do you understand the term? A: There has to be some sort of […]

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Problems of an Anarchist Jew

There is nothing about my life that has been more of a conflict than my heritage, but I am a Jew. Let’s begin with the first difficulty of this situation of being a Jew: proof. Superficially, I have two Jewish parents and a family of Jews whom until my generation, had not deviated from producing […]

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Ludwig Binswanger Blurb

Tomorrow I’ll be conducting the final installment of a 4-part workshop series on Existentialism. The text I will be using is, Foucault and Binswanger: Beyond the Dream. There are a few motivations for using this text that I want to write about before giving the presentation. These include: post-structuralism’s relationship to existentialism, the usefulness of […]

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The Ice King

On the peak of the world’s coldest mountain, there from his palace he gazes Down upon the swiftly swirling stew of organic life Everything caught between the outline his eye has isolated, stops And he gives it a name And he hangs it on the wall And he calls it his own When you walk […]

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After Finding Ground

Towards the end of my adolescence, I published a book called the Aberration that was the result of blending autobiographical, philosophical, and fictional writing which I had previously written. The greatest challenge of the project was systematically organizing and evaluating that work, highlighting the themes that ran through these different forms of activity, and coming […]

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The Rebel by Albert Camus reviewed by Squee

The Rebel by Albert Camus reviewed by Squee In 1951, Albert Camus had already dealt thoroughly with the questions of nihilism, rebellion, revolutionary politics, and anarchism. It may surprise many anarchists that this existentialist philosopher (mostly known for his novel The Stranger) was quite familiar with anarchism and was himself a frequent supporter of anarchists. […]

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Nekro Anarcho

Nekro Anarcho Death is the only thing worth talking about…

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Critique of the Farmer Neighborhood in Tempe, AZ

In Struggles of the Farmer Neighborhood in Tempe, AZ, I took a look at the neighborhood I had formerly lived in from the angle of anarchist, radical, and/or counter-cultural struggle. I concluded by stating that “I see it as a legitimate beginning and hope for the resistance there to sustain.” To follow up, I want […]

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The Future is DorkLinux

If you didn’t think Linux was dorky enough, you were right! This is a guide dedicated to the full expression of total nerd for *Nix-Craft Masters. Beware! The DorkFu is strong here! DorkLinux is destroy everything. This must be done before anything else.   1) After you successfully destroy everything, you can build your linux […]

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Power Against Hierarchy …incomplete.

Augmented Reality Annabelle woke up early to check outside her apartment door for the new AR, one-a-day lenses she had pre-ordered from Cornea-X. It wasn’t very long after their release was announced that she confirmed the order; but, since it was the day of the release there were always potential last-minute setbacks. They had arrived […]

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A Little Pain

I usually keep these things to myself, as one is expected to do. Locking the heat in until the pressure cooker I become has cooled and no longer threatens to scald those nearby with steam. The cooling process is slow, but it can be timed. Time heals, sure. With enough of it, moments that offer […]

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Struggles of the Farmer Neighborhood in Tempe, AZ

For years I have been writing about subjectivity, long-term goals, cultural struggles, radical ghettos, liberating space, and resisting domination. Yet, I have failed in communication with comrades and friends alike to articulate the importance and originality of the Farmer neighborhood struggle; how it exemplifies an approach to rebellion that has won my approval, and the […]

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Rebellion and Future

The themes of time, context, and rebellion has ran through a variety of anarchist events that I have attended lately. This has taken the form of discussions about lifestylism (with crimethinc often cited), leftist ideals of the Revolution, the notion of prefiguration, and ideologies. The conversations usually go something like this: – Leftist revolutionary movements […]

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Occult philosophers and mystics have played an important role in my life and thinking. Although not often my primary focus, their theories, techniques, and stories have rode alongside my interests in psychology, Western philosophy, anarchism, and hyperspace. I’ve definitely done my dabbling, mostly with doubt and suspicion. However, I have consistently found some of it […]

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Protected: Notes after ASG (Family background and Social Cohesion)

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

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The Idealist-Criminal/Duped-Activist Trope

from a facebook post… Lately I’ve been watching the Blacklist on Netflix. One of its episodes shares a theme that I have a hard time thinking of a show I’ve watched the past couple of years that doesn’t. Those shows are somewhere in the genre-pool of mystery, detective, and sci-fi; and, there’s a lot of […]

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The War of Reality

Introduction If an objective reality exists, it is not exactly what I am writing about when I write about reality. I don’t consider the reality I write of to be entirely subjective, either. Already I’ve used so many words that bother me: objective, reality, entirely, subjective. So to quickly move forward to what is and […]

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cutting out intellectual labor for myself

The interactions I want to explore in this piece are those which structure the relationships between individual-environment or self-world: relationships with the non-human landscape, technology and family structure (forms of collectivity), the desire for access to a reality beyond sense-perception and consensus-reality, religion and state (and science) as an affirmation of such a reality, the […]

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