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Rock Star, or Faggot?

This is a response to what I’m fed up with: Fuck those a-political, late adolescent to 20-something, iconoclastic delinquents who don’t confuse familial affection with the chief aims of their middle class parents (for them) and are therefor in a socially isolating position as being downwardly mobile economically as the rest of the working class […]

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Alegory of the VOMIT

Vomit – The Day of Judgment   My eyes clench like a fist as I forget even that most simple lesson: when to inhale and when to exhale. The melody is anything but harmonious. I’ve been eating grains all day and drinking grain alcohol all night. Every three inches and I choke. Despite the destination […]

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Introduction to the Perfect Castration

The prefect castration must consist of: Proper Use of Tools After-care Treatment The Mechanical Production of Erections (for function and for show). From the diagram above which depicts the general anatomical break down of the penis, we can see that a …

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Pessimism (a poem)

Surrounded by my conscience, intoxicated, and at the witness of dusk I feel from my loneliness the numbness of my skin The remnants of maternal bondage buried within my heart reach out Failing to grasp And to hold Anything Not a single, lucid thought N…

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World Peace

This is a detailed and complete plan for World Peace that explains what the people have to do, what things have to change, and how to overcome the things that are keeping us from living in peace today. Nothing in our plan is impossible to achieve, in f…

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Violence (in progress)

Violence vi·o·lence –noun 1. swift and intense force: the violence of a storm. 2. rough or injurious physical force, action, or treatment: to die by violence. 3. an unjust or unwarranted exertion of force or power, as against rights or laws: to tak…

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The Authoritarian Artist

This is a response to the article GaGa, Bowie, Hitler published in the Anvil I’ll give this author a good amount of credit for taking on this massive topic and trying to elaborate the analysis with such little space to do so. Here’s my thoughts… Hitler (and the early 20th Century): Mentioning that Hitler was […]

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The Battle of the Brain

The Battle of the Brain The mind’s great conflict spills over onto the world stage By IAIN MCGILCHRIST Why is the brain divided? If it is about making connections, why has evolution so carefully preserved the segregation of its hemispheres? Almost every function once thought to be the province of one or other hemisphere—language, imagery, reason, […]

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