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Communist Anarchy

So I’ve lately been thinking about communism again. As many know, I identify as many things, though most strongly identify as a nihilist anarchist as far as which team I’m on. I’d prefer “anarchist theorist” more than anything since that is the most accurate, but that is less what I am and more what I […]

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Pulling Together Ideas

Lately I’ve been considering who I am. Not so much based on confusion or nihilism, but more based on pulling together a large array of possibilities to create a presentation of thought. I’ve come closer to calling myself an anarchist theorist, while at the same time feeling more like an anarcho-primitivist. I suppose I could […]

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Moving Forward

Moving forward is something I’m accustomed to doing. Anarchist Aging and Burn Out was the topic of the week for Anarchist News and I’m not really burnt out anymore, at least I’m not burnt out with anarchy. I’ve for a long time rejected the anarchist scene and for plenty of reasons I still feel pretty […]

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Columbus Anarchy