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Mom’s Basement and

To follow up what I just posted about Free Radical Radio, I have been working on some new projects since moving back to Tempe. I will be elaborating on them more later, but for now I’ll give the following work-safe description(s). The main project is called Mom’s Basement (or, MAFW Mom’s Basement) and it is: […]

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Free Radical Radio

I didn’t realize I had been building up some anticipation about my participation in Free Radical Radio; so, I won’t continue to. I am no longer working on the project because I moved back to Tempe, AZ. The story isn’t very interesting: I shattered my heel bone in September of ’15, lost my ability to […]

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Practical and Aesthetic Applications of the Principle of Ungovernableness

Forward Over the past several years, I’ve tried to concern myself with the applications of anarchist theory to everyday life. In my writing, I continued to scale up to higher levels of abstraction for the sake of communicating insights that were more generally applicable. That is what abstraction is good for. However, as I have […]

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The Capitalist Concept of Self-Interest

The philosophical debate is not about the extent to which any wage-worker can decide what jobs to apply for, nor their potential to become business owners instead. At the heart of liberal philosophy is the tendency to conceptualize matters a-historically and with a focus on the solitary activity of individuals. Self-interest loses its meaning the […]

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Informalist Anarchism: a Self-Interview

Q: Howdy, how are you doing Squee? A: Pretty good. I have been finding it very easy to flow lately, which has come after some time of feeling at the helm of a ship in a storm. Q: What do you want to talk about today? A: I want to talk about informal anarchism, but […]

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More Informal Thoughts

Anarchism from an informal perspective is different from class struggle anarchism and more contemporary, activist forms of anarchism. The way that individuals, groups, societies, institutions that govern them, interpersonal relationships, self-expression, and revolt are conceptualized by informal anarchists (well, me at least) don’t seem similar at all to the latter mentioned forms. From the ground […]

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Green Anarchism: a Self-Interview

Q: Are you a Green Anarchist? A: The short answer is, “I don’t know.” I have more questions than I have answers about this. Like most things, it depends how the term is defined. Q: Well let’s start with definition, then. How do you understand the term? A: There has to be some sort of […]

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After Finding Ground

Towards the end of my adolescence, I published a book called the Aberration that was the result of blending autobiographical, philosophical, and fictional writing which I had previously written. The greatest challenge of the project was systematically organizing and evaluating that work, highlighting the themes that ran through these different forms of activity, and coming […]

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Critique of the Farmer Neighborhood in Tempe, AZ

In Struggles of the Farmer Neighborhood in Tempe, AZ, I took a look at the neighborhood I had formerly lived in from the angle of anarchist, radical, and/or counter-cultural struggle. I concluded by stating that “I see it as a legitimate beginning and hope for the resistance there to sustain.” To follow up, I want […]

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Rebellion and Future

The themes of time, context, and rebellion has ran through a variety of anarchist events that I have attended lately. This has taken the form of discussions about lifestylism (with crimethinc often cited), leftist ideals of the Revolution, the notion of prefiguration, and ideologies. The conversations usually go something like this: – Leftist revolutionary movements […]

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Absurdist Anarchy

The below is just the combination of 3 earlier pieces that all build on top of each other, but will eventually be the basis for a longer piece that works it all out more coherently and stylishly.   Absurdism: In philosophy, “the Absurd” refers to the conflict between (a) the human tendency to seek inherent […]

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RE: The Politics of Denunciation

RE: The Politics of Denunciation The following are two statements in the piece that I can relate to: “Support for the survivor is equated with, and then replaced by, castigation of the perpetrator.” and “It is unsurprising, then, that our tendency is to push people out, rather than draw them in; but when we do […]

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KickStarter and Counter-Power

Two articles recently appeared on anarchist news concerning the practices and services offered by KickStarter. As most everyone who is likely to read this is aware, capitalism requires and increases more the dispossession of us both as individuals and as a class of the resources which we would need to produce what we consume. So […]

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What is new with Little Black Cart – Spring 2012

One book a month. This was the quiet goal we set ourselves upon for 2012 and, so far, it has been working. Now that the book is dead, anarchy is a relic of history, and the end of history is upon us it is the perfect time to make anarchist books about the end of […]

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What has changed. What has stayed the same.

Let me start with public matter that I should have attended to earlier. My big projects, the ones I was so cagey about all fall, have been announced. These include… The formation of a new publishing project LBC Books The announcement of three new books to be published by this new project (with 2 more […]

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The World… and some stuff

October 3rd doing dirty dishes downstairs i would like to make dinner but all the dishes are dirty Haiku the World Goodness gracious, world – it has been sometime since the last, hasn’t it? Let’s no pretend you didn’t miss me (or did you!). Well, there were some things in-between – here for a moment, […]

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Waiting for the Great Leap Forward

Asere, ¿qué bola?: A brief review of two Fifth Estate texts on Cuba (like very brief) An Anarchist in Cuba: Socialism or Cell Phones by Walker Lane Fifth Estate #378, Summer 2008. $4.00 Adios Socialismo by Walker Lane Fifth Estate #383, Summer 2010. $4.00 Well is down, so what else am I supposed to […]

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Some Reasons Why US Anarchists May Not Be Making Gains

Overview When the question is asked, “Why aren’t there more anarchists or more recognizable gains by anarchists in the US?”; I think some of the responses I’ve seen somewhat miss the mark. We are living in a country where the majority of the population is religious, white, and without anything close to a land base. […]

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Anarchism and the Martial Arts

The more I think about writing about this topic the more there is that I want to write about. So what I think I’m going to do with this is just write this progressively as I learn more through my own research and the responses I get; instead of attempting a full blown op-ed. This […]

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Some Practical Anarchism (and, some theory)

My writing is in RED Others’ writing is in BLACK I have been making a move away from my interests in social-psychology, phenomenology, and post-structuralism for some time now, though it hasn’t been a very rapid shift. Reading again one of my favorite books, Colin Ward’s Anarchy in Action somewhat encouraged this but simply feeling […]

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